Almost nothing works without them: WLAN router.
The small boxes can be found in most households.
But which device is worth it and which is not?
Dortmund-You stand in most households and are used for the Internet and telephony: WLAN router.
They are part of everyday digital life in Heilbronn and other regions, but they also become annoyed again and again when the connection breaks off when working, gaming or surfing.
The devices cost a lot, which is why the question arises: Which WLAN router is the best?

WLAN router at Shifting Earnest: Eight devices in the check

Shifting Earnest tested eight routers-and found, among other things, security gaps and high power consumption.
In the current issue (02/23) from Shifting Earnest, in addition to electric toothbrushes that do not all do well, also around WLAN routers.
The consumer magazine has examined eight devices, seven of them run over the DSL telephone network, one is a cable router.
All products are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi 6, which should mean faster data transmission.
But that’s exactly where the test reveals differences.
In addition, there are deviations in WLAN coverage and security.
Very important for many consumers: Some WLAN routers are real power guzzlers compared to others!
At a time when electricity prices explode, this is certainly not an advantage.

from data transmission to electricity consumption: This was the case with the router test

Shifting Earnest paid attention to different weightings when examining the wlan routers, reports
The data transmission was very important and is weighted in the quality judgment at 50 percent.
The handling, for example the first commissioning, flows into 20 percent.
Electricity consumption for WLAN routers, the safety functions and the phone call each have a share of ten percent.
Shifting Earnest explains to the electricity consumption: We added the electricity consumption for 6 hours of active user data transfer, for 2 hours with the consumption value directly after a data transfer and for 16 hours of standby operation. This creates a daily profile and in turn the consumption and costs for one year
that was calculated at 34 cents per kilowatt-hour.
So far from the power growth of some energy companies.

WLAN router in the test: The result of Shifting Earnest

Only three of the mesh systems receive the verdict good, with the mesh-enabled repeaters there are both tested products.
A WLAN router, the Ve lop MX12600 from Links, only gets the grade sufficient.
The data transmission and handling are good, but it ends up in last place both with security and in the electricity consumption in this router test by Shifting Earnest.
A deficiency: There is no protection if a wrong password is repeated.
These routers do not cut off as well:
The test winner is Orbit Ax 1800 by Netgear with a quality judgment of 2.1 (good).
The WLAN router does not cut the best in any tested category, but is there everywhere.
Even the electricity consumption gets the grade good from Shifting Earnest.
The complete result of the WLAN router test by Shifting Earnest is available in the current issue (02/2023).
Rubric list picture: © AGEFOTOSTOCK/Imago