Every week Epic Games Store offers players a completely free game to add to the liary forever.
All you need to do is login and download the precious gift to add a new title to your collection.
Here is the free download list for the month of Feuary 2023. Each new game replaces the previous Thursdays at 1 pm every week.

This article will be updated weekly with each change.

Week 1-2 to Feuary 9

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

The game follows the same mold as all the others in the franchise: a stealth proposal, but in which you have a wide variety of guns and supernatural skills that will destroy your enemies.
It is a dark, full of conspiracies, in which you must kill a being called the strange.
Apparently this divine figure would be involved in many important situations in history.
Description of Epic Games Store: Take the role of Billie Lurk and gather with her former mentor, Dad, to perform the greatest murder ever conceived: to kill the stranger, a divine figure that the two believe has been crucial to some moments
more dishonorable in the empire.
Original release date: September 2017
Out of offering price: R $89.99

City of gangsters

It’s a construction and administration game like any other… taking the fact that you start with a criminal business and should make it expand as much as possible to expand your domains as a gangster.


You will soon notice that the game has all similarities of the genre, such as getting and managing resources, people, dealing with unexpected situations, but there is a bonus to deal with authorities and other gangs.
Description of Epic Games Store: In this business management game, you will create a criminal operation from scratch and turn it into a money machine!
Build clandestine bars and illegal distilleries.
Get favors, run after the debtors and ibe the police over a thick view.
Original release date: January 2013
Out of offering price: R $73.00