The Virtual Reality Headset PlayStation VR2 will be launched in around two weeks.

And one of the very first video games that come onto the market for the expensive PS5 accessories is Horizon Call of the Mountain.
Players do not need to fear a hold-up.
Since as the developers ceremoniously announced today, the VR adventure has reached gold status.


This makes it clear that the basic development of Horizon Call of the Mountain has actually been finished.
The game is prepared for sale, which does not imply that the designers undoubtedly compete.
With updates and patches, enhancements can be made later if they become visible after the gold message.
We are delighted to be able to tell you an exciting news today: Horizon Call of the Mountain is gold!
It doesn’t take long for you to plunge into the adventure, said Guerrilla in the following tweet:

this offers Horizon Call of the Mountain

The first-person VR game co-developed by Fire sprite puts players into the role of protagonist Ryan, who wishes to restore his honor.
The fight mechanics known from the series will go back to fatal machines, while a brand-new focus is on climbing mechanics.
Ally, the protagonist of the Horizon series, will likewise belong to the party.
Horizon Call of the Mountain benefits from some Technologies from PSVR2, consisting of the new Sense controllers with touch detection.
According to the manufacturer, they let players communicate with the environment.
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A skillful climber-the story of Ryan
Hands-on impressions and the approximate playing time
Horizon Call of the Mountain appears specifically and as a launch game for the PS5 virtual reality headset PlayStation VR2, which will be released on February 22, 2023.
Consumers can buy the hardware and the video game either as a bundle and conserve a couple of euros compared to the individual purchase.
649.99 euros change the owner for the bundle.
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