The Six Invitational 2023, the Rainbow Six Siege World Championship, which played from 7-19 Feuary in Montreal, Canada, will ing together 20 teams, and azil once again has teams that appear as strong candidates for the title.
azil will have this year with four representatives: FAZ Clan, 3rd place at Six Invitational 2022 and runner-up of Six Major Berlin 2022, Team Liquid, runner-up of Six Major Linköping 2022, W7M, semifinalist at Selim and Linköping in
2022, and Los One, champion of the Latin American qualifier.
MGG azil has prepared a ief analysis of azilian teams in the dispute for the Rainbow Six world title and the chances of each of them lifting the most coveted trophy of Ubisoft Tactical SPF.

do clan

  • Castro
  • Cyber
  • Soulz1
  • Bullet1
  • Vi taking
  • Camacho (Technical)
    azilian team with the best campaigns in major international events in 2022, FAZ Clan arrives at Six Invitational as a candidate for the title, but also surrounded by uncertainty.
    After the controversial departure from Gaiel Cameraman, who in a live criticized the posture of now former teammates and felt betrayed by former team partners.
    For the place of Cameraman, the young Vi taking, a promising player who stood out in 2022 played for the Bubo and Magic Squad school in competitions such as the Six League and the azilian Cup.
    This is the first time Vi taking will play World Tier 1 events, but the young performance of the young man last year can add even more firepower to a team that has in Cyber and Soulz1 their main highlights.
    Although he lived his technical peak at Six Major Berlin and fallen with performance in the final stretch of the season, the experience of Faze, which has four champions of Six Major Sweden 2021 and comes from prominent campaigns in 2022 at Six Invitational and Six Major
    Berlin, coupled with the talents that today defend the team make it undoubtedly candidate for title, especially if Vi taking does not feel the weight of their first major international event.

Team liquid

  • NECK
  • PALU
  • Wagons
  • ASK
  • Reset
  • Humor (Technician)
    Best azilian team of the moment and coming from a runner-up of Major and a azilian title, Team Liquid arrives as a very strong candidate for the Six invitational 2023 title.
    Team, the cavalry grew of production and seeks the first world title of its history, and the second major trophy of Tier 1 International, as it won the League of Atlantic City in 2018.
    The duo formed by PALU and Neck is one of the greatest firepower in the world rainbow Six, while Wagons’s leadership seems to have finally ought the stability that at other times was missing to Liquid.
    Ask has also grown in production since it was no longer the ILL of the team, and Reset have often resolved rounds at important moments, whether getting kills or information for the cavalry.
    Dominant against its main rivals in azil in recent times, it will be up to Liquid to repeat the performance it has been presenting in the national territory also against foreign opponents.
    The Six Major Linköping final against the BDS French showed that some adjustments still needed to be made, and these months of preparation for the Six Invitational dispute may have made a difference for the cavalry to get even stronger in the world title fight.


  • Head
  • Julio
  • JV92
  • VoIP
  • Are (Technical)
    The most consistent team in azil throughout the 2022 season, W7M ended up having as its biggest title the 3rd Split of the Elite Six 2022 Cup, championship that ings together the best teams of the azilian, South American Championship and Mexican Championship.
    At the time, the team defeated Team Liquid.
    The team also had the best campaign of the regular phase of the azilian R6, was twice semifinalist of Six Major (Berlin and Linköping) and azilian runner-up, losing to Team Liquid in the grand final.
    In duels against foreign teams, W7M has been dominant and, therefore, is therefore a great candidate for the Six Invitational title.
    Interestingly, the biggest corns in the buffalo shoe in international majors were precisely azilian teams.

In Berlin, the W7M eventually fell into the semifinal for doing Clan, and Linköping was beaten by Team Liquid.
Captained by Julio, world champion in 2021 by Ninjas In Pajamas, and having in Head, the best player in azil 2022, and its main individual highlight, W7M is full of fighting for the world title.


Today, perhaps, the main obstacle for buffaloes is precisely the azilian rivals, especially doing and liquid, which have great international baggage, but nothing that cannot be overcome with some adjustments that the team had time to make since the end of the season

Los One

  • D4SH
  • Dot
  • Mayan
  • kHz
  • Bin
  • Norris (Technical)
    Team that achieved its best moment in the final stretch of 2022, Los One (former Team One) comes from an irregular season, so much so that it had to compete in Latin America’s open and closed qualifiers to qualify for Six Invitational, but it arrives a lot in
    High and can overthrow favorites at the Rainbow Six World Cup.
    The team has several extremely promising young people in the cast, with special prominence for Main, one of the best players of the very strong azilian scenario today.
    Lack of experience in major international events can weigh at times, especially considering that the only international lineup experience was the problematic Six Major Charlotte, where most team players at the time at Team One played at the time
    online from Mexico.
    On the other hand, Los One’s strong campaigns in the azilian open qualifier, with victories about MIR, Black Dragons and Ninjas In Pajamas, and the closed classification of America Latin, with triumphs about Six Karma and Curia, show that the team comes very strengthened
    For the World Cup dispute and can surprise in the fight for the INRI title.