In the Hogwarts Heritage lesson, you will learn how to plant, collect and use seeds, ingredients and combat items.
Throughout the campaign, you will attend classes on stamp and unlock the opportunity to grow your own plants in the requirements room.
This Hogwarts Herbart’s Hermit Establishing Guide will help you with everything you need to start growing plants in pots, growing them and harvesting.
To begin with, you will want to buy ingredient seeds from Magic Keep and combat items from the Dowered and Death cap store, both are located on the outskirts of Hogs mid.


After buying seeds, go to the spell and volumes to buy a pot for spells.
Shops can be seen on the map below.
After you buy pots, go to the room to place pots and plant seeds.
Here are all the seeds and what size the pot they require.

All sizes of seeds and pots in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Distant: Wiggenweld potion ingredient (a pot of any size is required)
  • Fluxed: Ingredient in the concentration potion (a large pot is required)
  • Highlander: Ingredient of the potion of invisibility (you need a pot of any size)
  • Mallow sweet: Ingredient for activating Merlin Trip (you need a pot of any size)
  • Shrivel fig: Ingredient in the potion of the thunder bar (required a medium or large pot)

seeds of combat items

  • Chinese champing cabbage: attacks the nearest enemies (a medium or large pot is required)
  • Mandatory: used to stun and damage to enemies (a pot of any size is required)
  • Poisonous tentacles: shoots poison at the nearest enemies (a large pot is required)
    To place the pots in the room of the requirements, put on the witching spell and select the tribology tab.
    Any pot that you bought in a spell and volumes store can be placed in the room.
    After placing the pot, you can plant seeds.
    Each seed grows from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the type of planted seeds.
    Fertilizer can reduce harvesting time and increase the yield of each seed.
    Fertilizer can be bought at Magic Keep, and the Dung Composter spell can be bought at the Spells and Tomes store.
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