Don’t Nod, an independent French computer game developer and publisher, is extremely happy to present Consistency: The Fall of Reverie, a special narrative experience.
The video game was revealed during the Nintendo Direct.
Harmony: The Fall of Reverie will be offered in June 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.
Harmony: The Fall of Reverie is a brand-new narrative game from Do not Nod.
The gamers can check out the future and make the very best decisions for them while attempting to restore the balance between our world and reverie, the world of gods.
The gamers get to understand a number of adorable characters in a captivating story and a universe that is rich in traditions.
The video game is colorful, futuristic and dynamic, with an original soundtrack of the award-winning composer Lena Raise.


The teaser for unveiling can be seen here:
Story: In an extremely future… MK, a mega concentrate, utilizes his power to control the population of the Mediterranean city of Alma.
Polly returns home abroad after a few years to look for her missing mother and quickly realizes that her hometown has actually altered to bad.
She rapidly recognizes that she has the present of clairvoyance that she links to another world, reverie, in which the efforts of mankind live: fame, happiness, power, bond, fact and mayhem.
In Reverie Polly ends up being harmony, a goddess who has the power to pick the venture that will eventually prevail.

There is a sensitive balance in between our world and reverie, which is ending up being more and more precarious.
It is up to you, as a Harmony and Polly, to bring back the balance between the world of aspirations and ours.
Humanity is at stake.
What fate would you like to strive for?
A unique narrative mechanics: Every action that players carry out in the function of Polly or Consistency impacts both worlds and opens up different narrative courses.
The gamers can look into the future with the Inaugural, a video game board and a graph of Polly’s administration.
Harmony: The Fall of Reverie Screenshot Valerie
There you can research the results of possible choices, which allows you to have to say the fate of humanity.
This distinct narrative mechanism likewise offers the game a high reproduction aspect.