The Play-In Stage will begin on May 2 and last for 5 days. After a number of days of break, the Bracket Phase will take over from May 9 to May 14 and from May 16 to may 20.

The competitors will begin on May 2 and last for 19 days, with the last match being hung on May 21. Although this year’s MSI will introduce a brand-new format, the competition will still be divided into three phases: Play-In, Bracket, and Final.

Riot Games formally revealed the dates and location for this year’s League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational on Feb. 8. Similar to the previous three years, the event will be kept in May, but for the very first time ever the hosting city will be the capital city of England.

Riot described the event as an opportunity for fans to evaluate the relative strength of groups and areas at the midway point of the season. With the brand-new format, Riot aims to showcase more amazing matches and deliver fans with the very best stories the 2023 competitive year of League can serve.

The final match will take place on May 21, thus bringing the competition to an end.

The event will be held at the Copper Box Arena, an area described by Riot as a key location for esports located in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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Live events in Europe, like LEC Summer Finals in Malmö, had actually shown to Riot how many European fans preferred to be present throughout substantial moments for Leagues competitions. This may have incentivized London as the best choice for this year’s MSI. Furthermore, the metropolitan city is available to all League aficionados around the world thanks to its well-structured facilities that connect London to the remainder of the world.