In the K.O. phase of the Champions League, which begins on Tuesday, the 16 staying clubs have to do with a lot of money for the previous premium crescent FC Bayern Munich.
The title winner will get an overall of 52.7 million euros in premiums from the European Football Union from the round of 16 to the last.

The Bavarians were top of the gel rankings amongst the 32 individuals in the group stage with 6 wins and due to their leadership in the UEFA club list with premiums of 68.82 million euros.


In the event of the next Champions League victory, they would come to a total of 121.52 million euros.
In addition, there are also the audience earnings from the home video games and distributions from the market pool in a double-digit million.
There are 9.6 million euros per individual for the round of 16 in which FC Bayern satisfies Paris Saint-Germain.
10.6 million flow in the quarter-finals, 12.5 million for the semi-finals.
In the final, the winner collects 20 million euros, the loser 15.5 million.