After the early premiere of the fifth chapter of The Last of Us, HBO revealed the official trailer of the sixth episode of the acclaimed adaptation of Naughty Dog’s work.
Here, as expected, we can see the meeting between Joel and Tommy, as well as a clear reference to The Last of Us Part II.
After their separation in the first chapter, Joel and Tommy finally meet in a scene similar to that of the game.
However, fans will have noticed that this is not carried out in the hydroelectric dam, but in Jackson, a town we saw for the first time in The Last of Us Part II.
Even with this change, the trailer makes it clear that we will see a series of events similar to those of the game.
From the brothers meeting, through a hostile invasion, to Ellie’s ride, which will give rise to the iconic scene where our protagonists make their feelings clear.
On this occasion, the program returns to normal, so the sixth episode of The Last of Us will premiere in HBO and HBO Max until Sunday.
In related issues, this is the actor who almost plays Joel in the series.
Similarly, new rumors arise about the development of The Last of Us Part III.

Editor’s note:
Only four chapters have the series left, and he still feels how he will lack a lot to cover.
Although the adaptation has not disappointed until today, they manage to capture great moments of the game, there is still a small concern about the time that remains for the first season.