Hogwarts Legacy offers many activities in addition to learning spells and duels, such as capturing several beasts and creatures.
The beasts can be prepared to give valuable resources or sold by galleons if there is little money.
Here is everything you should know about where to sell beasts at Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to sell beasts at Hogwarts Legacy

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If your NAB-Sack is full of captured beasts, and you have no room for them, the creatures can be sold to get profits in the Brood and Peck store in Hogsmeade.
The Brood and Peck store is located in the northern section of Hogsmeade, as shown in the image above.


The store will close the first time you enter Hogsmeade, but the store will not have any use until you complete The Elf mission, The Nab-Sack and The Loom in the main story.
The mission gives you the ability to capture beasts, such as Enables, and take care of them to get resources.

The Brood and Peck merchant, Ellie Peck, will gladly buy any beast that does not fit at the Vivarium of the Men.
It also sells several ingredients that can be used to improve the equipment, if you prefer to pay for the ingredients instead of obtaining them through the care of the beasts.
That is all to know where to sell beasts at Hogwarts Legacy.
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