In June in 2015, Sony Interactive Home entertainment began the brand-new three-stage variation of the in-house online service PlayStation Plus.
The material of the premium level includes special demos to picked video games that, depending on the scope of the particular title, can bring it to a length of two to four hours and can be downloaded from customers at no extra cost.
From now on, the next test is offered, which provides customers this time the opportunity to have a look at to remaster Tactics Troll: Reborn over a period of two hours.
You can download the demonstration from the PlayStation Store if you should have become curious.

A classic celebrates its return

Tactics Troll: Reborn is a technically and playfully revised remastered version of the well-known strategy role-playing video game.
The story takes you to the war-loving islands of Gala, which lie in the distance of the Yesenia continent.


The characters and graphics, which were currently applauded in the initial game Tactics Ogre from 1995, were modified in high resolution.
More improvements consist of faster fights, the chance to level up your characters and units separately or a more versatile memory function.
The tactical battles are held on a field with height differences.
Thanks to the totally revised battling AI, there are difficult fights that demand a lot to discover the ideal strategy for triumph, stated the official description.
Another special feature of the method role-playing video game is the truth that you can influence the course of the action with your actions and choices.

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Tactics Troll: Reborn is offered for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
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