Before the release of Hogwarts Legacy all fans wondered if Quidditch would be part of the game and now we have to be content with the open world RPG without this emblematic sport.
But is the unavailability of Quidditch permanent?
Some elements of the game may indicate that not…

Why is there no quadriceps in Hogwarts Legacy?

From the beginning, when you start Hogwarts Legacy and come to the most important moment of your life as a wizard/witch, the choice of the house, you will be presented with an uninteresting speech by Hogwarts director, Phineas Nigel Black.
Unpopular between students and teachers, Sirius Black’s ancestor is hated in the game for a good reason: he banned the school’s quadriceps matches.
The reason is a little superficial, and we can feel the desire of developers to justify the non-presence of the sport in the game, but it is consistent with the character of Phineas.
Despite this, Avalanche has already made it clear that introducing the sport in the title would be complicated.
Several times, Avalanche Software has clarified that Quidditch will not be available in the game.
This is part of the sacrifices that had to be made for the open world and the huge castle to work smoothly.
It would have been hard to replicate the sensation of the movies, and they didn’t want to invent anything sloppy.
According to a leak, Quidditch should have been included in the game, but the issue was quickly abandoned after a year of development, given the colossal work it would have required, and a long time.

is a quadriceps DLC possible?

No official statement goes to this direction.
There are also no leaks or developer messages indicating the possible arrival of quadriceps to the game.

However, the title itself is full of dialogues that make us think that the sport of the magical world can one day be added.
Students in quadriceps costumes who only talk about this iconic sport, the World Cup posters in all ordinary rooms, the stadium itself that is used only for a oom race and, especially, Professor Koala who insists several times with the
Black Director to reinsert the sport at school.


Spoiler Alert: During one of the missions before the third judgment, you can drink poly such and take on the director’s appearance.
A discussion will take place with Koala, who will threaten him to go see the ministry of magic to be able to put the Quidditch back on the school curriculum.
Free update or paid DLC?
Buying the expansion is a good idea, but it will probably take a year or two until we can see Quidditch in the game.
We know that game sales were positive and an investment in the title is quite likely.