Taken 8, the following title of the traditional Banzai NAMC dealing with video game franchise business, has won three trailers with gameplay excerpts since it was first revealed on September 13, 2022, and also has actually exposed component of the video game’s cast.
Much, 9 boxers have been shown in trailers launched by Banzai NAMC, and also the large news was the return of the personality Jun Mazama, who for the initial time shows up in a primary game in the collection of this Taken 2, since Taken Tag Tournament 2
It is part of the main canon of the franchise business.
Along with the existence of Jun, Taken 8 will be gone to by several timeless franchise personalities such as Jin Mazama, Kahuna Minima, Nina Williams, Marshall Legislation and King.
MGG azil has actually prepared a list of all the taken 8 portals, which will certainly be upgraded as Banzai NAMC exposes new actors competitors.

All Taken 8 personalities

Jin Mazama

Kahuna Minima

Jun Mazama

Nina Williams

Lars Alexanders son

Paul Phoenix AZ

Marshall Legislation