Despite advertisement lug supports being profoundly popular in competitive League of Legends in season 13, it appears like they aren’t doing so well in solo line

3 of the most preferred marksmen that have actually been made use of in the support duty– Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, and also Join– have taped exceptionally inadequate win rates up until now in Platinum as well as over rankings in Patch 13.4. They are currently sitting at 40.13, 43.06, as well as 43.09 percent win rates, respectively, according to a stat website U.GG.

Trouble Gaming attempted to bring back a lot more conventional supports in Spot 13.4 with modifications to a few crucial support things like Antique Guard. While standard assistance seem recovering in solo queue, AD bring supports are still being picked in professional play. If this was change any type of time soon, it stays to be seen.

Champions like Caitlyn and also Virus excel at bullying the opponent bottom lanes in the landing stage, however unleashing their complete possibility needs proper communication and harmony, which aren’t easy to attain in solo line up.

Various Organization pros have actually played at the very least one of these 3 ADC sustains in their particular regions, with T1s Beria promoting them in the LCK.


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Their win rates are so bad that they hold three of the most affordable win rates in solo line up, with only Yuri below them with a 40.36 percent win.