Like every online shooter, the extraction battle royale escape from Markov additionally has to manage Heather.
To name a few points, these can see through wall surfaces, with Aim bots defeat every player-running gamer within secs, and also numerous various other things.
Designer workshop Battle state itself is not a huge follower of Heather, similar to the gamer, Coo Nikita Buying recently contacted Reddit to report this scum of the planet.

Escape from Markov: over 6,000 cheaters locked

This message was naturally filled with emotions, however customers were not as well convinced that battle stats would really do something.
It has been understood for a long time that the workshop cheaters can not experience, however in spite of this, many cheaters still run openly worldwide of Getaway from Markov.
These fears have actually currently been weakened a bit, since 6,700 cheaters were obstructed in a current spell.
On top of that, Battle state also published the in-game names of the gamers concerned in a Spreadsheet.
With this, the developers would not only desire to reveal their community that they do something against cheaters, yet likewise openly pilloried the cheaters.


From this, Battle state probably intends to make a real custom and on its main Twitter account there are currently a couple of more spreadsheets with the names of Heather.
It stays to be seen whether this action will actually do something.
The typical player might feel truly motivated by the reality that battle states are going versus the cheaters, yet the individuals worried usually alter their in-game name reasonably typically, sometimes also after every matched suit.
There are also names such as — — l — — on the Spreadsheet, which virtually assure the anonymity of the cheaper.

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