developer remedy entertainment announced on November 11 that it has agreed to the public 505 Games by jointly developing and selling Control 2. This work was developed for PC/PS5/Xbox Series X | S, and the release time is undecided.

Control 2 is the sequel to the action adventure game control released in 2019. The work, which had been called Code name Heron, has become a new work in the series. At the moment, the concept production stage is still unknown, and the details of the game content are unknown. At that time, when it was announced as Heron, it was guided to be a work that would expand the world view of Control. In this announcement, it is said that it will be a full-fledged sequel with more budgets than the previous work. Development uses its own engine north light, as in the previous work.

By the way, the previous work CONTROL was a work in which the protagonist, Jesse Baden, confronted threat hisses in a different world, set in the Oldest House, headquarters of the Federal Affairs Bureau, the government’s confidential institution. The theme is the supernatural phenomenon, featuring a game play that controls the surrounding objects with supernatural power, fights with a deformed weapon, and a mysterious story. The work was well received and received many awards. In this announcement, it has been revealed that more than 3 million sales have been achieved.


The initial budget for the development of Control 2 is recorded by 50 million euros (about 7.2 billion yen). Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games are divided into half of the costs for development and marketing and the revenue obtained from this work. Remedy Entertainment will hold the right of the work.

REMEDY ENTERTAINMENT and 505 Games have already agreed to develop and sell the spin-off CONDOR using the world view of CONTROL (related article). It seems that the work will be a four-player EVE game, and this is currently in the concept production stage.