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How To Get The Yellow Sign Relic In Vampire Survivors

The yellow sign is a relic that can be found at a secret level in a holy ban.
This relic is potentially the most important subject in the game, because it allows you to unlock secret characters and move in level until the end of the game, and in this leadership we will help you get it.

how to unlock the yellow sign in Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors

To unlock the yellow sign in Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors, you must first gain access to a secret level called Moon glow.
To access the secret level of Mongol, you need to unlock the Hyper mode in four stages, withstanding 25 minutes in each of them.

How to unlock Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors?

The Holy Forbidden is a secret level in the Vampire Survivors game, which opens when you are experiencing a 15-minute mark on Mongol.
The game requires you to run using unequal characters.
After 15 minutes, eyeballs will begin to appear on the map, and your screen will be distorted.
Your character will be immediately teleported to a secret arena called Holy Forbidden.

How to get Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors?

To go through the Holy Forbidden stage in Vampire Survivors, we strongly recommend that you unlock crumbs before trying to complete this test.
In addition to adequate first weapons, he also has the ability to revive that you will need, since there is no increase in the level at this stage.
The level looks like a simple curved corridor.
When you reach the end, you will approach what looks like a false wall.
Go through it and continue to move forward.
The level will look as if the game has broken because you will walk around the sky.
In the end, you will reach the yellow sign.

What makes the yellow sign in Vampire Survivors?

The yellow sign is a powerful and important relic in the game Vampire Survivors.
It performs the following functions:
He opens the following liabilities:
Silver ring
Gold ring
Metallic left
Metallic on the right
This allows you to unlock certain secret characters.
He promotes history, opening events leading to the final boss of the game.

The Vampire Survivors game has the opportunity to replay the Holy Forbidden stage using a secret menu provided by Scrolls of Morgan.
If you defeat skertamari in the bone zone, you will be given access to the secret menu.


Enter the code I want to see this again to get access to the Holy Forbidden stage.
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