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Biathlon World Cup: Sprint of the guys in Oberon now in the live ticker

Many error-free
10 athletes were currently shooting, eight remain flawless
So the fog has no significant impact on the shooting outcomes
Samuelson remains on
The next professional athlete from the favorite list likewise remains tuned
Sebastian Samuelson shoots calmly, but strikes whatever
With 4.3 seconds behind, he is second back on the track
All panes also fall at Simon Ever
Agreed sank the cartridges
Stella Hold Agreed shoots like clockwork and puts pressure in the instructions of his farmer
With 5 goals, 8.8 seconds lead to Dillon Millet once again
Johannes Thingies BO is 15.2 seconds behind
Dillon Millet satisfies whatever
Quentin Dillon Millet makes it much better later on and strikes all the windows on his very first see to the shooting range
He can sit in front of BO 6.4 seconds
Sees begins!
It gets out loud in the stadium and with Roman Sees the very first athlete from the German contingent in the sprint has now likewise started
At the start of the season, Sees had the ability to get the podium in the sprint, which will definitely be one of the favorites on the attempt today
It will no longer last for a long time and Niklas Harte is the next Swiss
Shoot for BO
Johannes Thingies BO appears out of the fog and pertains to his first shooting
We can cope with these conditions when the lying stop?
The first three pieces fall, however then there is the error
The last disc ends up being white again, and it remains with a charge round
He can absolutely make up for it in its present running kind
Stalker in the race
With Sebastian Stalker, the first athlete from the Swiss team is now on the track
Stalker reflects on an excellent winter, but a medal would be a huge surprise for him today
Nevertheless, he can constantly target a lead to the top 10
BO with confidence far from the front
Unsurprisingly, Johannes Thingies BO is plainly remarkable to the first time and has actually currently set a couple of seconds in between himself and the first pursuers
Ever started
With Simon Ever, the very first Austrian went on the track
Despite its 39 years, the OSV biathlete continues to be one of the top athletes in the field
In spite of frequently excellent efficiencies at the shooting range, he is not a preferred on a medal due to slow terms
Right away after him, Jesper Begin from Sweden goes on the track
Samuelson in the race
Sebastian Samuelson was the tragic figure in the Swedish group in the mixed season, today he would definitely like to do better and run out a good outcome in the sprint
The next top favorite
Stella Hold Agreed leaves the beginning house as the next top favorite and begins his race over the 10 kilometers
The 25-year-old was on the podium for all sprints this winter season
Dillon Mails began
Quentin Dillon Millet goes on the track with start number 3
The Frenchman was the big challenger of BO last season, however this winter he did not get going
The race is running!
The guy’s sprint decision has actually started and with Johannes Thingies BO, the extremely huge top favorite is the first athlete already on the track and will set the standard for the rest of the field

Biathlon World Cup: Sprint of the men in Oberon in the LiveTicker-Vor start

Prior to the start: The Austrians should likewise have little opportunities
The performance at the shooting range is right, but average mileage is frequently not about leading locations
The team is led by Routine Simon Ever (9)
David Tomato (36), Dominic Underwater (94) and Harald Letterer (112) will complete the contingent
Felix Later, nevertheless, canceled his World Cup involvement a few days ago due to recurring physical problems

After the combined season and the sprint of women, the men are on today
The sprint of the Biathlon World Cup in Oberon Live in the live ticker can be found here at Spot
Denise Herrmann-Wick won a magnificent gold medal in the female’s sprint yesterday
Whether it is a reward for the German biathletes is shown in today’s sprint of the males in Oberon
You can follow the race of the Biathlon World Cup Live from Oberon here

Biathlon World Cup: Sprint of the guy’s die current top-5

Status: after the first shooting
Rank |
1 |
2 |
3 |
4 |
5 |

Before the start: Due to the new start quota policies of the IBM, Switzerland can likewise go on the attempt with 5 professional athletes
Just Sebastian Stalker (15) and Niklas Harte (21) should truly have a chance of a medal
Seraphic Wrestler (38) is most likely to target a result in the leading 20
Jeremy Finally (96) and Josh Burkhart (99) go on the beginning block in the last start block
Prior to the start: Oberon is not shown by its friendliest side today and thick fog hangs over the path
The race management is presently in close contact with the professional athletes to get an accurate image of the conditions
Prior to the start: The German group commemorated the very first gold of this World Cup yesterday
Another medal on today’s competition is not impossible, after all, the team with Roman Sees (start number 19) and Benedict Doll (30) has two athletes in their ranks, who were currently on the podium in the sprint this winter season
Justus Strew (26), Johannes Kuhn (54) and David Nobel (81) will complete the group
Prior to the start: The big favorite on gold begins directly with start top
Johannes Thingies BO is the dominator of the season and had the ability to win as sprints of the winter
BO can typically make up for shooting mistakes due to his rapid terms
Numerous other Norwegians are awaiting their possibility behind him
One of them is Stella Hold Agreed, who likewise goes to ten kilometers early with the start number six
Martin Ponsiluoma from Sweden should likewise calculate opportunities
Before the start: At the World Cup in Oberon, the 3rd World Cup choice will go on Saturday
After the choice in the combined relay and the sprint of females, males in the sprint are in demand today
The very first professional athlete goes on the track at 2:30 p.m
Prior to the start: Hello and welcome to the men’s World Cup decision in the sprint!
The live ticker begins in good time before the start of the competitors

Biathlon World Cup: Sprint of the guys in Oberon today on TV and Livestream

The biathlon World Cup and hence likewise the men’s sprint in Oberon is sent on complimentary television
On the 2nd German television you can follow the entire race live and in complete length
The ZDF likewise uses a complimentary livestream
You can either access this through the ZDF media library or just through ZDF.de
In addition to the ZDF, Eurosport is also at the start
On the one hand, the guy’s sprint is transferred on complimentary television, however also revealed by means of Livestream
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Biathlon WM-the schedule

Date |
8th \
February, 2:45 p.m. |
Group blended season
10 \
February, 2.30 p.m. |
Sprint women 7.5 km
11 \
February, 2.30 p.m. |
Sprint guys 10 km
12 \
February, 1:25 p.m. |
Persecution women 10 km
12 \
February, 3:30 p.m. |
Persecution men 12.5 km
14 \
February, 2.30 p.m. |
Single ladies 15 km
15 \
February, 2.30 p.m. |
Single guys 20 km
16 \
February, 3:10 p.m. |
Single Mixed Season
18 \
February, 11.45 a.m. |
Season ladies 4 x 6 km
18 \
February, 3 p.m. |
Season guys 4 x 7.5 km
19 \
February, 12.30 p.m. |
Mass start females 12.5 km
19 \
February, 3:15 p.m. |
Mass start guys 15 km.