Even if Dragon Flight is well gotten, there are frustrating bugs in World of Warcraft.
One costs our Meinmmo-Demon Corbyn thousands of gold every day.
I think from my columns and viewpoints about Dragon flight has ended up being reasonably clear that I actually like the present growth of World of Warcraft.
Often I need to prod on little things, such as the fact that the whole thing was going a little too quick with the trading position, but that does not cloud my fun at all.
However, what frustrates me is a small mistake with the auction house, which regularly pulls my gold out of my pocket and seduces me to incorrect purchases.
If you are searching for an item in the auction home, items are noted with this name.
Then click the wanted entry and then get in the quantity you would like to purchase.
At especially active times, i.e. when lots of players use the auction home, there is a mistake or rather a behavior that is otherwise not the case.
By default, there is a 1 in the little input mask, in which the desired variety of items to be bought.
However, this is significant gray, as is the case with texts and offers the impression: If I now typed in another number, then the 1. This is also the case in 90 % of the cases if the auction home works completely.

This is not the case in the approximately 10 % of cases.
Because there the 1 is currently significant, however if you then go into another number-such as a 3-then it does not change the 1, however will be included to the existing number.
The outcome is that I now purchase a massive 13.
13 jewels, 13 potions, 13 soul cages or 13 bales.
It doesn’t wander me to ruin now, due to the fact that I usually just purchase things in the low-digit thousand location and then just toss the surplus items back into the auction home.
Nevertheless, this little mistake is frustrating.
Also in the Subreddit of Wow, several people complain about exactly this mistake.


Some report that this error often put numerous hundred thousand gold in the sand and now wish to find consumers once again for the big shopping.
I could just click slower and take more time.
However, this quick shopping in the auction house is anchored in my Muscle Memory that this is nearly automated.
The fact that the entire thing operates in 9 out of 10 cases without any issues does not precisely help to get tired.
Have you currently experienced this bug?
What did he cost you?