The monetization of packages in FIFA has been controversial for a long time, but EA can still create intrigue, more than a month after the release of FIFA 23. It was in Germany that the drama gained strength after a Twitch streamer decided to talk about how the Game would be pay to win. Maximilian Try macs Steamer would be a good source to talk about it, after all, he spent more than $100,000 when the game was released, which also earned him the temporary prize of having the most expensive team.

The most expensive team… and lost in the first match

With all this investment, Try macs was probably able to set up the best FUT 23 team right away… and yet he lost his first match. During a live marathon on the Twitch he kept opening packages, exchanging players and building a strong and dear cast the Ultimate Team. The team he set up had icon letters such as Pelé (95), Ronaldinho (91), Zidane (94), Vieira (88) and Roberto Carlos (88). Even in the reserve he managed to put other heavy athletes such as Audi Roller (89), Kevin de uyne (92) and Son (90).

In his first match after setting up this perfect team he faced a friend with a team formed by Road to Glory, that is, someone who did not spend a penny to assemble the cast. Try macs lost the penalty shootout after finishing 2 to 2 in normal time. You can check the game below:

EA supposedly presses the streamer

Try macs has a huge influence on Germany, then, inevitably, when he decides to launch harsh criticism of the monetization of FIFA 23, EA shrinks. The streamer did not go too far in their failures, just qualifying FIFA as a casino for children. And the points raised by him are not even related to the infamous defeat in the first match, as he continued playing FIFA 23 for days and days after the incident.

Annoyed by such vehement comments, EA would have directly asked Try macs to record a video explaining that the monetization of FIFA 23 would be to pay to progress and not pay to win. The streamer did not obviously not comply with this request and the relationship the parties soured.

I lost all partnerships with EA for events, Try macs said in a live oadcast made in conjunction with another streamer named URGE. I’m completely blocked, what I did really bothered EA […] they asked me to make a video saying that [The game] is not pay to win, but pay to progress, that you can progress being free to play And everything else.