A couple of days ago the list of games were revealed that will arrive at Xbox Games with Gold in February 2022. As has been a trend in recent months, the community is not enthusiastic about the announced titles. However, what stands out on this occasion, is that there is a group of fans who want this service to be completely eliminated .

After the revelation of the four titles that came to Games With Gold, the Xbox community was divided into two. On the one hand, some users have pointed out that this service has become just a Pay Wall to play in **, since the games offered are not at the level with what one can find In Game Pass. All this began with the following message from Klobrille:

“Xbox Live Gold as an artificial online payment wall only for consoles continues to contradict everything Xbox does. Gold prevents the fluid vision of ‘any place’ that the brand looks, and offering games like these only gets things. Gold has no place in the Xbox ecosystem. “

This was added more voices in his favor:

“Leaving Gold and not offering games, but for free online, it would be a much alternative, much better for optics.

I know ‘free’ and all that. But it’s not really free, right? Epic Games is really ‘free’ and does not request payment, but it offers much better games. “

However, also resistance by users that believe that games that Games with Gold offers are an important part of the Xbox ecosystem:

“Why get rid of him? Some people do not want GamePass, believe it or not. GWG is an excellent way to get Xbox 360 for free and discover AA games. The problem is that all unconditionals think that all services should offer AAA or recognized games. How about the discovery of games for developers or free BC games? “.

This is not the first time that this debate divides the community. Last year, reports arose where it was mentioned that Xbox had planned to eliminate the service , to integrate it only through Game Pass Ultimate. However, at the moment there is no information about these plans.

On related topics, a Monster Hunter style game would be in development for Xbox. Similarly, a Battle Royale mode would already be in development for Halo infinite.

Xbox - February 2022 Games with Gold
Editor’s note:

This is a debate that seems never to have an end. The truth is that having this service is good for all those who do not want to have Game Pass. However, it is also true that the offer of games can improve in various aspects.