“Powerful”, commented SV-Meppen Captain Luka Tankulic The 1: 1 against Waldhof Mannheim after final whistle. Although missed by the Remis of both teams of the interim jump on the third place in the table, but still go “the point for both in order”. The gate of his Meper had once again contributed the captain to himself. His 12th goalout. He arranged the classic deafer similarly dry, as it had previously been his degree on the court: “This time, the distance was not too far. Of course, it always speculates that the ball comes to a crop.”

Nevertheless, he received praise praise from a very special Mepper ascent icon: “Emsland-Messi” Martin Wagner, from the Tankulic once his jersey number – of course had inherited the ten – once again the importance at the “Magenta Sports” Microphone out of his successor. “I hope that’s alright with the 12 goals,” Tankulic then then asked the blessing of his predecessor, where he thanked himself directly again, “that I may have the jersey number”.

Schmitt attests “the next step”

PK | SV Meppen vs. SV Waldhof Mannheim

SVM-Coach Rico Schmitt also had many praising words for his overall team: “Everyone has a share. Even those who are not there.” He also explicitly involved the “many injured players” in his praise. Especially against this background it is “a strong performance” of his team, already collected the targeted 40-point mark in the current season. From this, SCHMITT, “Let’s play now” – quite well with a wide chest. Finally, it was “now managed to go the next step,” after missing this against Braunschweig or Kaiserslautern.

Although you’re baking in Meppen loud tankulic “Still little buns”, the snapshot look forward to him, but of course. As well as his coach. This will also be hoped for smaller and larger gravities of his captain in the future. On the one hand, because “it’s fun to continue playing up there”. On the other hand, because Tankulic could therefore be measured in the success for the new “Emsland-Messi”.