Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have introduced intelligent memory semiconductors that can store information storage and operations.

In general, memory semiconductors store information and operate like a human brain are in charge of non-memory semiconductors such as the central processing device (CPU) and graphic processing device (GPU).

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are the next-generation semiconductor ‘PIM, Processing In Memory (PIM)’ at the ‘Artificial Intelligence Conference and System Academic Conference (AICAS)’ held by IEEE on the 14th by the IEEE. I came out with. PIM is a product that adds artificial intelligence (AI) processors to operate memory semiconductors.

Samsung Electronics developed the HBM-PIM, which adds computation to the high bandwidth memory (HBM) in February last year. HBM2 ‘Aqua Bolt’ is equipped with an artificial intelligence engine. While the performance is twice as much as the existing HBM2, power consumption has decreased by 70%, Samsung said. HBM2 Aqua Bolt is a second-generation anti-bandwidth memory semiconductor mass-produced by Samsung Electronics in January 2018. High-performance computers (HPC) and AI, called supercomputers, deal with information very quickly.

An official of Samsung Electronics said, As technology develops and the number of areas of application of artificial intelligence has increased, the demand for high performance memory semiconductors has increased. The official said, We had to work slowly if the CPU loaded instructions from memory semiconductors, executed, and saved the results in the memory, and giving and receiving the information. And explained.

SK Hynix also developed the GDDR6-AIM (Accelerator in Memory) as a PIM product. The GDDR6 memory, which handles information with 16 gigabit (GBPS) per second, has been operated. A special objective device made of chips designed for information processing and computational functions is called an accelerator. The International Semiconductor Statement (JEDEC) defined the GDDR (Graphics DDR) as a DRAM standard specification that specializes in processing graphics quickly. The generation changed to 3, 5, 5x · 6. SK Hynix explained that if you use GDDR6-AIM with CPU and GPU instead of a regular DRAM, the computational speed is up to 16 times faster. SK Hynix decided to join hands with Sapion, an AI semiconductor company that came out of SK Telecom, to combine GDDR6-AIM and AI semiconductor.

When PIM is operating on its own, the work speed is faster, which consumes less power. The GDDR6-AIM runs at 1.25V, which is lower than the existing operation voltage of the GDDR6. Power consumption is 80% less. An official of SK Hynix said, If you save power, the carbon from the device is reduced.