Ion Classic predicted level 60 expansion. The goal is to move forward beyond the 2.7 version that was promised in November 2020, when the classic was held, but not bring existing content as it was, but the shortcomings pointed out at that time, and the advantages were highlighted. The journey starts with an update with the new class Executor on the 9th.

NC soft announced on the 7th on the online showcase ‘On Stage’ on the official YouTube channel on the 7th. Lee Seo-yeon, head of the planning team, introduced the update scheduled from November to March next year, followed by AHN Jin-ho’s development director.

By far, the eye-catching part is the direction of the direction of the Ion Classic after the 2.7 version update. NC soft’s ahead of Ion’s core value is a field struggle with a distinctive role. Ion Classic also keeps this direction, but adds new elements and variations, rather than bringing existing content.

Peace, not peace, the land of the war is coming

First, Saran and Tia Miranda, the promise that announced the start of the 3.0 update in the existing Ion, will be held. However, it gives variations for more intense and intense field wars than before. AHN Jin-ho said, Saran deletes neutral pen settings and changes the whole to PVP possible. The Cheema War main field of the Los and the demons will be a more intense fighting ground.

Tia Miranda’s source, which felt like a somewhat homework, is being prepared to modify all the Ion’s representative RVR contents, and to use it as a housing that can be used as a base of Legion (guild) if it occupies the fortress. We are also concerned about creating something for Legion or changing the siege of siege.

The eyes of Tia Miranda, a large RVR content, also changes. AHN said, Amaranth’s eyes were regrettable due to repeated ‘terrestrial’ and meaningless positions, especially because of the majority of people in the war. I want to see that the Los and the demons are not entering the time, but they are thinking about allowing various battles depending on how they enter or locations. Specifically, if you fly in the air and find your opponent, add the attacking of the attack and the skills against them to clash with each other in the air and the ground. Race imbalances are considering that the same race on another server is solved by the union of force.


I am also worried about the new elements that were not in the original. Dying boarding where many people can board and move together, new weapons that make use of existing job characteristics or change, and synergy skills that are used by several users with the same job. This is also linked to the ‘occupational role’ mentioned earlier.

First, AHN Jin-ho said, The killing is a weapon that gives up defense or avoiding and increasing deals in certain battles. Subsequently, the priests are also thinking in the direction of changing the patterns and changing the pattern. Subsequently, the synergy skills said, All party horses are gathered to blow up a huge wide area skill, and to respond to this, the artifact-class buffs on all surrounding targets, and the guardians who have received this buff make a huge barrier to block the attack and protect the attack. If you create a chance, I’m looking forward to what it will be.

Ion field play will be more active from the 9th

The Ion Classic Update Plan was also released from September 9 to March next year. First, Lee Seo-yeon, head of the planning team, said, The field is the most important because the appeal of Ion is PVP. At the same time, we will actively use Xylene Terra Corridor Field to induce solo and party play.

Specifically, Ion Classic’s first original class, new field tells, new collection elements, storybook, and Legion content are added. First, the executor is a medium-range dealer with a chain sword as a main weapon. Lee Seo-yeon, head of the planning team, said, We use the physical skills to use brain power that only the executor can use, and act as an initiation and a wide range of dealers. It is a good job to hit and fall, but the difficulty of control is high in the PVP situation. In addition, new skills will be added to existing jobs in December, which will be in line with the appearance of executors.

Tells is then divided into growth fields and instance dungeons. Growth field is a place where you can experience stories from level 1 to level 20 for executors. The new instance dungeon, the forgotten Tells, is a place for level 51 or higher and can be entered once a week. Along with artifacts and sculptures of platinum medal, new skills and higher dragons are provided as a reward. In addition, in order to reduce the burden of play, the existing dungeons, the upper treasure rooms and the tempos, are terminated, and the existing rewards can be obtained in the new dungeon.

There are three storybooks that can be collected through play: ancient art, nature, and adventure. Ancient art is a way to complete the masterpiece by collecting sculptures through PVP, EVE, and events. The essence of nature explores and explores Abyss and Tongue area, and there are also sections that find special gatherings. Finally, the book of adventure performs the quest to check the hidden story. Ancient art and essence of nature are compensated for additional stats and passive stats that are useful for gathering, and 5%of the moving speed of adventure is compensated, and new elements are added whenever a new field opens.

Legion content is added with Legion’s search functions with Legion search functions, and Legion tendencies to find similar legion. At the same time, members of the members are individually produced to create a legion that creates a siege weapon by collecting dedicated missions and materials to increase the level of Legion. Legion missions can be carried out initially regardless of the propensity, but afterwards, it is planned to operate different missions according to the inclination.

In December, a new battlefield and a new raid, Join, will be held. Lee Seo-yeon, head of the planning team, said, In the past, it was difficult to occupy the fortress themselves in the past, but now most of them are occupied, so in this case, each race meets the agent, so I think that a fierce battle cannot occur. He said, We will proceed with different conditions, and we will change the reward ‘stretching weapon’ setting. In March next year, we will showcase new Raids and new battlefields that will make PVP more active, and add matching modifications and support systems to support them by watching the process of covering all servers.