The media for the media for the switch / PS4 version baseball game “Ebaseball powerful professional baseball 2022″ released on April 21 were conducted on April 5th.

Mode such as “Success” “Success”, “Crown Nine” “Power Festival” of the Series familiar “Success”, “Power Festival” or what new elements have been added? And what is the status of “Ichiro”, which is implemented for the first time in 22 years? We will deliver the report that extends near about 5 hours.

# ◆ The stage of this success is “high school baseball”

At the experience meeting, I played first, “Success” creating an original player while promoting a scenario.

Success of this work is “ high school baseball edition “, three types of success “Powerful high school rivals” “Powerful high school rivals” and “Heat-blooded, Aoharu Gakuen” “Senko High School is Captain!” In addition, “crossess” that can create players in a short time is also alive.

In the previous work “Power Pro 2020”, it was collected that the CV of Otani Seibe is attributed to “Yabe Mio Yao” of the standard character, but in this work, “Shutaka Tuna”, “Hayakuna”, “Hayakawa Aoi”, etc. A popular voice actor voice is added to six rival characters, and you can enjoy the junction with more iki. I was able to play three kinds of success at the experience meeting.

■ “Powerful High School Ribals”

Among this scenario, the rivals of the above-mentioned rivals are more likely to be easier. The protagonist aims to win Koshien at powerful high school.

While being familiar with the familiar system, anyway, there are abundant events with the successive rivals of other schools, and sometimes they have special tag training in the training camp, and the series fans are not lovable.

By the way, the authors foster arms in the first play. Although it was started with a sense ○ type, but I have reached the expansion of “Dai-Jo B. Dr. Dr. Diabe”, unfortunately the experiment has ended in failure. Because the physical strength and experience points have dropped significantly, reset and challenge again. It can not be compromised as an experienced party.

After all, speaking of success, it is a heroine to be worried. In this mode, a rich character such as “picture space” “Akizuki Sankasakura” “Oiichi Tamamo” appears. The author chose “Oii Nii Tamamo” to a lover, an intense character. About events I’m worried about this paper, I will omit it……. How is her true identity? (Barbare)
※ The heroine also appeared in the Aoharu Gakuen below

And I still come to liver in this success, with rivals. I have to get over again and again, as Ikebuna brother challenged to play. Ultimately, Koshien Winner & Draft was also fulfilled, and I was able to foster a player of 500. This is the first time in the first play, so it can be said that it can be a scenario that can create a stable player.

# # ■ Hot Blood Kiname Aohar Gakuen

The next scenario played is “Heat Hydrangoon His Ao Gakuen”. Not only baseball but also “youth” also operates the main character who wants to compatible with the main character, the status of “ Aoharmeter ” is present in this mode. In this meter, it is an important factor to accumulate “Kiramaki” and “Hythemia” .

When the degree of sparkle increases, there is a “Kiramaki Fever” that increases or the evaluation “Kiramaki Fever”, and when the harmonic level increases, both the “hotfest Fever”, the degree of harmonic and the degree of harmonicity are at the same time the effect is “Aohar Fever” obtained is generated.

In other words, it is necessary to proceed with the timing that causes Fever, but it is very difficult to compatible with baseball practice… “This is the busyness of youth…”. School trip to the school festival… The event is full of variations, the attraction of “Aoharu Gakuen”.

# # ■ Senko High School is a captain!

“Senko High School is a captain who leads the team to Koshien Winning as a Captain!” It is not a traditional success, and what is called “ Captain Sakle ” centered on itself.

Captain Sakle places teammates and managers and help you help their growth in the “ Potential Skills ” of the deployed members. Because each member has a character such as “Occasion” and “Otori”, it is necessary to select compatible members with each other when assigning to the captain scar.

Sometimes it is a new form of success, and the beginning is right trip. “Senko High School” If you start success or suddenly or suddenly, the first meeting (?) Original director of the first meeting (?) Is an instruction to “do the captain!”

I tried to place a member in the captain scal while being guided, but when I assign a member in potential skills, it is compatible, the vice versa, and it is still compatible, and the balance of the potential skills I want not. But there was an interesting and himping after a long time, the more it was immersed in confirming the highest compatibility and potential. Because there are many combinations, it is likely to create your favorite captain spacing.

“Crown nine” that became easy to play more than # #

The director of the high school baseball club and aims at Koshi-Suunkyo school. A system that “advancing the panel with the number of selected practice cards” is a mode that can be enjoyed by simulation game.

The points that felt the version upgrade in this work are “comfort”. In addition to having been able to see the player’s “ growth report ” on the progress screen, a system has been added to the combination lottery of the tournament It was easier to play. As the progress speed of the event screen was also tempo, it is possible to play with crisp while thinking carefully.

The author also registers a local high school, and first for the first summer. In the practice match, two-year-old books were very active and I was able to take a good start. However, the summer prefectural tournament first day and the ground defeat in the front game. While pre-reputation “E” was lined up at the combination lottery, it was understood that the pre-reputation of Earth floor industry was “C”, but up to this…. There is also a local high school, and I was able to attach mysterious mystery despite experience play. Leading your team to Koshien is still going ahead.

In addition, the first “Sakae crown Nine” is also held in the first “ autumn national convention “. Even if it does not work in summer as I am, I am waiting for the expansion that can be heated again for the fall.

# ◆ Real condition of Haruka Haruka! “Power Festival” that became more lively

“Power Festival” aiming for a number of games and aiming for the grand champion. In this work, the familiar broadcasting station “Powerful TV” and IT-based emerging companies “Infinet” and two performances will be performed at the same time, so you will be able to select either when the game starts. In the power festess of the infinet, First female real condition Ana “Haruka” is real condition. In the theoretical performance according to the ability of the player, the venue will be enliven.

In the Power Festival Experience Play held “Power Pro Television”, it is confronted with “Samurai University” in the second round. Launch a home run to the beginning of the game, spread the point difference with the university. From the middle of the game I thought, I was thinking of “I’m going…” From the middle of the game, I was scolded with the opponent’s continuous timely hit, and the point difference was shortened and the reversal of the 9th back. I want to play with more characters! There was also a thought, but I was forced to give up, and this time it ended in the critical result of defeating the second round.

In addition, since the new “ scout function ” has been added in this work, the degree of freedom in team configuration is also rising. It is likely to make more teams by winning.

# ◆ What is the status of Ichiro? Expected “player data”

Finally, the author checked “player data” of the 2022 version. Naturally, the latest player data in 2022 is equipped, and as in the previous work “2020”, we plan for free updates in 2023.

Above all, it is a legend OB “ Ichiro “. The player’s domestic version Power Pro appeared in July 2000 since the “live powerful professional baseball 7”, which has been released in July 2000, has been about 22 years. Some OB players can be obtained from “item shop” to exchange with the point in the game, but they can also check and use status by exchanging “Ichiro players”.

The status of interest is as image. “ABAAA”, which is widely known in the influence of “Power Pro 2020” and “Power Pro 7”, all except power (except for the catching balls that did not exist at that time). Furthermore, we also hold the gold special ability of “Final of the Final”, which reminiscent of the 2009 WBC. In addition, the results of the MAX143 kilometers and sliders were thrown by Merlines, Merlins in 2015, was not reflected in this work.

Also, as a player who also needed replacement, “Otani Shohei” player who won the major MVP in 2021. Mr. Hideki Matsui, who was a major activity with Mr. Ichiro, “Power Pro 2020”, “Power Pro 720” and “Power Pro 7”, and the current Saitama Seibu Lions Head Coach “Matsui Early” Is as shown in the image. Since you can exchange and browse your favorite player data, it may be fun to expand imagination to player data you want to get.

# ◆ New sense / baseball online match “Powerpark”

It is also attracting attention to “ Powerpark ” that will be the first appearance. You can challenge the new sense baseball online match with the original player grown in other modes. This time, I could not play the same mode, but it has been announced that you can play with multiple games.

Things You Will See for the First Time in Your Life - Part 9
The first attraction scheduled from April 21 will be installed from April 21, “ Sushi Survival “. Choose a plate made by another player and a plate that has been on a professional baseball team, and it is a match attraction game that wins the speed game. In the update after the release date, “ Powerflo Royal ” aiming at the top of the 64 teams in the original player team, “ Power Corosium ” will be placed on the first time “ Power Corosium “. Wait for future updates information.

“Power Pro 2022” which volume up from the previous work. Improvements in the system was also made to make more playful. “It’s a lot of time, hot, hot”, and the moment you keep your hand on your hand many times in experience play. I can not wait for the release date.

The release of this work is April 21 . If you purchase a reservation at Nintendo Store or PlayStation Store, you can get early purchase benefits such as successive open songs and items in the game. For more information on games, see “Power Pro 2022” official HP.

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