Good information for all developing culture savers: Structure cultures may not bill your customers account monitoring fees, service flat prices or other yearly fees.


So it remains in a current judgment of the Federal Court of Justice.
In this instance, the Federal Customer Facility (VZBV) had actually sued against the Sparkasse BHW, which particularly gathered a yearly wage of 12 euros from its customers for every account in the cost savings phase.
According to the VZBV, the judgment has an effect on around 24 million building culture agreements in Germany.
The Shifting Earnest then placed together an example letter (by means of, which supports the individual worried to redeem illegally paid fees for the past 10 years.
You would certainly obtain the 120 euros plus interest paid if you remain with the example over.
Since the yearly fees are also greater sometimes, for example there are instances of 30 euros in extra expenses, the compensation can likewise be substantially higher.
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