One aerial photo is attracting attention on Twitter. An image posted by an account called Miss soup Mission City. At first glance, it looks like an aerial photograph that reflects the city of Japan, but it is the world of Minecraft.

Miss soup is a project that reproduces fictitious Japanese cities on Minecraft. The topic image is a screenshot containing part of the project. If you enlarge the image, you can barely see that it may be the world of Minecraft. Focusing on roofs and rivers, it is certainly composed of cube-shaped blocks. And if you look closely at the image, you may notice more. It means that it will be made with so-called vanilla (standard) blocks. The fact that it is made of vanilla blocks is one of the special points of this project.

It is difficult to create such a modern Japanese cityscape because the structure of Minecraft is basically based on the modern world view. Nevertheless, the Java version has an interface that changes the appearance of blocks, such as a resource pack. There are abundant types of volunteers, and some can change the block to a modern texture. With such a resource pack, the block base world can be made in a modern style. However, in this miss soup city, as far as the image can be seen from the image, it seems that the city is reproduced by vanilla blocks without using a modern texture pack. If you look closely at the roof and outer walls, you can focus on familiar plate and st1. At least it has not changed its appearance. It must be born by steady work.

The project was a hot topic in February this year. At that time, it was a sideways image, but this time it was posted in an image of a ratio close to the vertical length. With the depth of the landscape and the higher camera angle, the building has become smaller, making it difficult to notice that it is a screenshot of Minecraft. It is also difficult to judge whether the sky is not reflected whether it is a Minecraft world or reality. In addition, the area where the two images are reflected seems to be different. Miss soup seems to have a vast area outside the angle of view.

Miss soup is a project that is conducted by multiple people. If you search for the hashtag #Miss soup, you can see the building built by each member up close. If you look closely, you can realize that it is really the world of Minecraft and that it will probably be reproduced within the scope of vanilla blocks. For example, MEMO, the representative of Miss soup, has built a certain beef bowl chain store.

The characteristic orange signboard expresses detailed gradation using red sandstone, orange-colored glass, and orange wool. He is also surprised by the technology that resembles existing blocks as props that produce the cityscape of modern Japan. A poster that announces a limited-time fair at a restaurant chain store. This is expressed by the flag. In Minecraft, it is possible to add a pattern to the flag by using a flagship machine and dye. Apparently, the flag is given a brick pattern with a red dye, and a green border. The disorder amount of the restaurant posters is well reproduced. In addition, in February this year, the braille blocks are even observed in everyday scenery, such as representing the braille blocks with the wood grain texture of Hiragana plate material.

When you look at the topic images as well as the reality of each building, you will pay attention to the realism as a distant view again. Modern Japanese urban designs are faithfully reproduced, such as a sorry park under the apartment and a temple that suddenly appears in residential areas. As an aside. It is exactly like a miss soup, as it is.

There are similar projects besides miss soup. A project that reproduces Japanese urban areas under fictional city names, such as Panama Prefecture and Fuel City, which began in 2014, seems to form a neighborhood. It is no longer a city plan than an architecture. On Twitter, each has a hashtag to introduce the development of the city and the facilities that exist. Looking at this cityscape, it seems strange that you will feel the history of the land that should not exist.

Miss soup is looking for creators. He says that there is a guidance training with welcome to beginners, but he says, We are waiting for you to be aspirations and motivated. If you are actively involved, why not apply?