Domestic Action Games I will die if you don’t eat sushi! has attracted attention to the domestic SNS. The same work is a work with a strange concept and a strange concept. On the other hand, it seems to be a work that has been built into an action game.

I will die if I don’t eat sushi! 3D action games for PCs started on December 29 last year. As a title, the main character dies if you don’t eat sushi. Therefore, when it stops, it is necessary to eat sushi and sushi in the stage, such as tuna. Both the graphics that feel cheap, and this work is a full voice. As soon as you start the game or screaming with Sushi !! Delicious! In addition, when this protagonist speaks, I basically scream. Moreover, there are many types of voice.

The game play of this work is simply. A sushi gauge is displayed at the top of the screen, and if this is gone, the main character will die. The player will clear the eating a specified number of sushi and Eat a specified number of sushi Eat a specified number of sushi and Eat a specified sushi to the goal point. Sushi Soul (Sushi Soul) is accumulated each time the stage is cleared, and a new stage is unlocked. In response to the progress of the game, new areas are also open, and sushi can be eaten at a variety of locations. Also, the sushi net is also rich in variation. However, I can not see it slowly because I eat it soon.


I will die if I don’t eat sushi! Was a great topic on SNS after release. The lighter’s Loss, which also contributes to the magazine, was introduced on January 8th to his Twitter account. The introduction tweet collected more than 24,000 retweets and the echoes of laugh and puzzle from users.

I saw the explanation so far, and I may have an impression like one-shot net about this work. However, this work is strongly established as an action game. First, the operability can be used to eat Swiss and sushi when familiar with a little part. On the other hand, the time loss due to the operation error is painful, and a sense of tension is maintained. In addition, how to reduce sushi gauge and level design is also exquisite. The more difficulty rises to go to the second half stage, and there are frequent scenes that will be happy to get sushi and get sushi just before death. At the point, a properly cut scene to convey the story, and it will increase the motivation to eat sushi. It can be said that it is a work that has been built with the player who can enjoy the player.

I will die if I don’t eat sushi! About the quality of the quality of Nikki Dow Range, a domestic game developer, is talking on its own Twitter account. He is designed with the game cycle of this work properly and comments that are balanced. He praised appropriate production and gameplay changes and the excellence of the basic system. In addition, he says more detailed analysis in the last tweet. It is also a commentary of continuation as a writer who played this work.

I will die if I don’t eat sushi! I am a domestic game developer who was developed. He won’t like Flow Match omen, which collects the men of flowing muscle bones, and the folly character of the picture letters, such as the horror game Pain- Peep ton-, which is approaching the idea, etc. It is out of the world. Individual works often come to topic on domestic SNS.

And I want to keep in mind that Mr. Lumen is producing game for a long time. He has published Flash animation etc. on his personal site since 2007. In addition, after the Flash games and browser games are also extended, and many works have been issued. Prophecy of his own works く, and I’m sorry that I pushed out the jealous concept. However, if you change the view, he is a proven developer. I will die if I don’t eat sushi! Evaluation of is also the skill of his game production. He is currently developing a new work く horror game. I want to expect what concept. Is sushi coming out?

I will die if I don’t eat sushi! Is delivered as a free game at the personal site く site. The corresponding platform is PC (Windows 10). In addition, this work should also be compatible with the English localization by machine translation. In the future, people around the world will supply sushi.