Fantastic creatures, but where to find them, huh?
The magical world of Hogwarts Legacy is full of fantastic creatures, obedient and deadly.
As part of the tests in the game, players must find all the locations of animals from the Hogwarts heritage to collect their collection.
In this guide, we will discuss all the places where players can find these fantastic animals in Hogwarts’s Heritage to help players earn a collection publication, and briefly describe their characteristics.

places Hogwarts Legacy Beasts

The Hogwarts Heritage has only 13 animals scattered around the world.
Most of these animals are added automatically as the game passes;
However, some of them are also part of side quests.
Players must find all these animals to get a collection publication of achievement.
It is easy to add them to the collection, as this will happen automatically when the players will approach the monster.
When the player has a beast, he can also breed it, and breeding from 12 to 13 animals gives the player the achievement of the nature of the beast.
Below we indicated the whereabouts of all 13 animals, which players should find in the Hogwarts heritage in order to replenish their collection of animals and unlock the awards.
After collecting, players can visit these animals and interact with them in a pasture similar to a window.


The conductor is located on Lake Mauritius, on the coast of Lamar and on the coast of Ever.
However, players do not need to fuss a lot to find this beast.
This will be automatically added to the collection when players enter the main quest: the class of the beast.
The conduction in the Hogwarts Heritage look like birds, but do not know how to fly.
Their strength lies in their ability to appear and disappear.
The main item that falls out of this beast is the pen of the conductor.


Upper is another beast-bird in the Hogwarts Heritage, from which the SUPER FEP falls.

Flying with its colorful feathers, this bird creates a sound that can attract anyone who listens to the songs.
Players can find this beast in Swedish, Lamar coast and the Feldrocroft region.

giant purple toad

Unlike other animals, a giant purple toad in Hogwarts’s Heritage is a magical creature from which toad of warts can fall out.
These warts can be very useful for creating potions.
Players can find this beast in the swamp of the North For, the swamp of the South Sea, the Hogs midi Valley Forbidden Forest.


Gaffer is a giant and very dangerous beast.
Players can distinguish them by unique tentacles on their faces.
Counts use these tentacles to get food and feed their cubs.
Players can find Grafton in the Lamar coast.
No matter how aggressive they are, players can still tame them.
The row of the Grafton will fall out of this beast.


Hippogrifies are also winged animals.
Players can quickly identify them on the heads of the eagles.
These animals are extremely useful, as players can fly around the world using these animals after taming them.
These animals are mainly found in the region of the region;
However, there is also a chance that players can find this in the South Sea swamp.
Being a winged beast, a pen of the hippogrif will fall.

Jobberknoll is a heritage, a silent blue bird, which can be seen from afar because of its white spots.

An interesting fact about these beasts is that after death they shout everything they heard in their lives.
Players can find Jobber knoll in North Ford Bog, Beecroft Region and Cragcroftshire.
From these birds, the Jobbercnoll Pen will fall.

Les isl is the smartest beast in the Hogwarts heritage.
Thanks to these birds, Hogwarts’s legacy revolution has been in the concept of propagation in the world of games, since these birds can propagate on their own.
Players can find these animals in the South Sea swamp and on Lake Marvin.

Lunar calf

Like a giant purple toad, the lunar calf is also a magical creature in the Hogwarts heritage.
He has a long neck, like a giraffe, and he is shy in daylight, so players can see him only at night in the moonlight, so he is called a moon calf.
The fur calf fur will fall from these animals, and they can be found in the forbidden forest and the coast of the poisonous sea.


Number in Hogwarts’s Heritage is a friendly creature.
Creatures wear colorful coats with a pocket where they can store dug things.
Players are likely to resist these animals while they have a hidden treasure, since these creatures are very attractive to brilliant things.
From the wool of these animals, Number’s fur falls out, and you can find them in the Feedlot region, on the coast of Ever and in Craggcroftshire.


Puff skein in Hogwarts’s Heritage is cute and fluffy animals, but this does not affect their strength.
These animals are one of the most difficult ones that you can leave.


Puff skein fur will fall from these animals.

Players can find Puff skein in the forbidden forest, Field croft region of the coast of Lamar.
Given the ease with which they can be kept, most families in the Hogwarts heritage hold Puffy as a pet.


Festivals are horses, but with wings.
An interesting fact about these creatures is that only those who have experienced death throughout the passage at least once can see them.
Hogwarts Legacy players can access Central Mounts by placing a preliminary order for a digital deluxe version of Hogwarts’s heritage.
These horse creatures, however, are found in the swamp of the North Ford and Lake Army.


Like Festivals, unicorns are also similar to horses, but have horns on their heads.
These creatures are of great value in the game thanks to their horns and fantastic hair.
A unicorn drops the hair of a unicorn and can be found in a forbidden forest.


Phoenix is a magical creature that revives from flying ash.
They are incredibly loyal creatures, and because of their high value on the entire Hogwarts’s Heritage map there is only one phoenix.
Players can find Phoenix in the side quest Dick: Phoenix uprising.
Players really need to perform three para logs to get Deep 1. These side quests
The fate of the house elf
The foal of the dead
The ascent of the Phoenix.
As soon as these three are fulfilled, Dick can be obtained in the room of the requirements.
This room becomes available after the main quest 22.