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Epic Games Store Freebies: The Complete List Of Free PC Games In Feuary 2023

Every week Epic Games Store offers players a completely free game to add to the liary forever.
All you need to do is login and download the precious gift to add a new title to your collection.
Here is the free download list for the month of Feuary 2023. Each new game replaces the previous Thursdays at 1 pm every week.

This article will be updated weekly with each change.

Week 1-2 to Feuary 9

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

The game follows the same mold as all the others in the franchise: a stealth proposal, but in which you have a wide variety of guns and supernatural skills that will destroy your enemies.
It is a dark, full of conspiracies, in which you must kill a being called the strange.
Apparently this divine figure would be involved in many important situations in history.
Description of Epic Games Store: Take the role of Billie Lurk and gather with her former mentor, Dad, to perform the greatest murder ever conceived: to kill the stranger, a divine figure that the two believe has been crucial to some moments
more dishonorable in the empire.
Original release date: September 2017
Out of offering price: R $89.99

City of gangsters

It’s a construction and administration game like any other… taking the fact that you start with a criminal business and should make it expand as much as possible to expand your domains as a gangster.


You will soon notice that the game has all similarities of the genre, such as getting and managing resources, people, dealing with unexpected situations, but there is a bonus to deal with authorities and other gangs.
Description of Epic Games Store: In this business management game, you will create a criminal operation from scratch and turn it into a money machine!
Build clandestine bars and illegal distilleries.
Get favors, run after the debtors and ibe the police over a thick view.
Original release date: January 2013
Out of offering price: R $73.00

Report reveals how much money Hellena Taylor would have earned by Bayonetta 3

During the weekend, Helena Taylor, who gave life to Bayonet ta in the first two deliveries of the series, revealed that he did not give this character once during the new installment, because the amount of money That Platinum games and Nintendo offered him, it was not adequate. Now, a couple of reports manage to illustrate a little more than the conversations that will be held between the actress and these two companies , which could change the public’s opinion.

According to a report by Bloomberg, which is supported by VGC, Platinum games tried to re-contract Taylor in last summer, in order to give life to Bayonet ta. Although the actress says that she only offered her four thousand dollars for all her work, the sources of these two media say that a payment of between three and four thousand dollars per session was negotiated. Considering that there was talk of at least five, the total payment would have been $15,000 at least.

However, Bloomberg’s sources say that Taylor requested a figure of six numbers, as well as residual profits . For its part, VGC supports the second condition, but not the first. For her part, the actress has denied this information. This was what she commented:

I would like to leave behind all this damn franchise, frankly continue with my life in the theater.

Along with this, she pointed out that Platinum games is trying to save in this situation with these anonymous statements . After her initial revelation, Taylor has won a great support from the community, who have pointed out Platinum games and Nintendo for not paying the actress anymore. Along with this, it has been mentioned that the costs of production in this meadow increased, since this time we worked with actors associated with the Union of screen actors-American Federation of Radio and Television artists, so if He had to pay a minimum of $900 to all who participated in the project.

At the moment, neither Nintendo nor Platinum games have issued a statement on this new report , and they are probable not to do so, since they would be breaking confidentiality contracts. Bayonet ta 3 will arrive at the Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022. On related issues, this is what Kamila said in this case. Similarly, Bayonet ta’s current actress responds to this controversy.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, a quite delicate case. The new statements could well change Taylor’s image before the public in recent days. However, there is much that is still unknown, and unless Platinum games and Nintendo share their documents, it is very likely that complete history will never be known.

Way: Bloomberg

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