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Who is the protagonist of Sons of the Forest? Explained

The Forest sequel is here and with her more questions than answers.
Sons of the Forest presents the players an apparently new protagonist and story, but many fans have been speculated on the true identity of the characters in the sequel.
So who is the protagonist of Sons of the Forest?
While the answer is not exactly clear, we have done everything possible to explain to the elusive man behind his screen.


Explanation of the protagonist of Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer about who is the protagonist of Sons of the Forest at this time.
At the beginning of the game, the character seems to be in a helicopter with a laptop in his lap.
If you choose to move through the content of the laptop, you will see the identities of a multimillion-dollar family and then a map of the island below.
It can be inferred that you are playing as a kind of member of a special force or as a highly trained hired researcher to find the husband, the wife and the child.
Image source: End night Games through
The protagonist is a man and has a wrist tattoo that says Fight Demons, which makes many players think it could be the son, Timmy, of the original game.
This identity could also make sense since the game is titled Sons of the Forest instead of The Forest as was its predecessor.
Image source: End night Games through, So who is the protagonist of Sons of the Forest?
We really do not know with certainty, but there are some indications that suggest that he is Timmy, a man who is now an adult and is going through an experience similar to that of his father.
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As a result of GDC survey, 70% developer is not interested in NFT

The GDC organizer as a representative game developer conference, will conduct a survey on the subject of the industry on the industry every year. This time, we revealed the results of the survey on 2,700 of the game developer ahead of March, and 70% of the respondents said they were not interested in crypto and NFT.

This content was released on the 20th (local standards) GDC official homepage. 60% of the developers who participated in the survey are active in North America, and 58% of the total are developing PC games. If you look at the report, you have two encryption and NFT questions. ‘Are you interested in NFT in your studio’ and ‘Are you interested as a means of payment in the studio you are working on.’

Both questions, more than 70% of the respondents answered, I am not interested. 72% and NFT for encryption, 70%. The proportion of interest that is interested is 27%, 27%, and NFT is only 28%, and developers who have been developing encryption and NFT-based games are both.

In addition, the majority of developers answered that they were negative for the introduction of cryptographic accumulation and NFT into the game. For the reason, it is a risk of exploiting crimes such as fund laundry and fraud, and there is a problem with the overall revenue creation due to uncertainty, and the market is overheated, and it consumes a lot of power, and consumes a lot of power.

If you think that a number of major games such as FBI Soft, Square Enix, such as Ubisoft and Square Enix, you will be linked to the game industry and in the game industry and in the game industry and in the game, You can do it. However, GDC surveys need to be given that it is somewhat removed from Western Developers.


In addition, the results of the survey on the main topic were announced. First, I said that 38% of the respondents were communicated too relevant to the company’s dismissal of the workplace that floats up on the activity of the activity on the activity of the activity. In addition, 23% of the total said they had a conversation on the establishment of unions within the workplace. Subsequently, 50% of the total of 50% of the total work was longer than the Corona 19 shall, About the Epic Games and Apple’s legal fighting between the in-app billing, 34% of the respondents supported Epic Games, 8% of Apple.

Meanwhile, GDC will be held from March 21 to 25 (local standards) in the US San Francisco Convention on the US San Francisco Convention.

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