You could vote on Mango which resolution you play on.

We provide the outcomes to you.
The winner of our study is just a few voices in front and could soon be replaced.
Mango needed to know what resolution our users use their video games.
More than 3,000 individuals have actually coordinated and tell us what resolution they utilize.
The most popular (and best known) has been in front of years, but another option follows just behind.
What do the outcomes of the study appear like?
A total of 3,669 people have actually coordinated.
The voices are distributed as follows:
What resolution do you generally use?
1920 × 1080-32.19 %, 1,181 votes
2560 × 1440-31.53 %, 1,157 votes
3840 × 2160-12.95 %, 475 votes
3440 × 1440-11.74 %, 431 votes
5120 × 1440-2.97 %, 109 votes
2560 × 1080-2.67 %, 98 votes
I use several screens with various resolution-2.28 %, 84 votes
3840 × 1080-1.82 %, 67 votes
A different resolution-1.42 %, 52 votes
5120 × 2160-0.41 %, 15 votes
The three winners also represent the three best-known resolutions, Full HD, WQHD and 4K. Complete HD with 972 votes (32 %), carefully followed by WQHD with less than 20 votes (31 %, 958 votes).

Complete HD could soon be replaced by WQHD

What do the outcomes indicate?
Full-HD has actually long been considered the most popular resolution among gamers, since the requirements for the hardware are minimal and, also cutting-edge titles, are still rather decent on weaker hardware.
With the size of the resolution, the pixel density also increases: On the one hand, games look sharper and significantly much better, on the other hand you need strong hardware.
You can see the distinction in the following video:
On Steam (by means of in the regular monthly hardware survey, Complete HD (1920 × 1080) with 64.83 % with a big range is far ahead, followed by WQHD (2560 × 1440) with 11.06 % and
1366 x 768 with 5.89 % of the vote.
With you, the range between Full HD and WQHD is a lot lower.
A check-out the future: among PC gamers there is now a pattern towards bigger displays.
Gamers with WQHD screens are constantly increasing, as our associates from Gamester needed to find.
We can also see the trend that the two resolutions are close together.
Possibly we will see at the next study of how WQHD will pass the most popular resolution so far.
WQHD had a challenging time, specifically in the console location, considering that the PlayStation in particular did not support the resolution between Full HD and 4K.
That has now changed and after a long time, Sony has now triggered WQHD for the PS5 consoles.


A function that Mango editor Benedict Schliemann had been awaiting years:
Sony lastly brings the function to the PS5 that I’ve been waiting for 2 years