To know the new gift of Epic Games Store You do not have to go very far: it’s about Relic ta, a puzzle adventure signed by the Spanish team of Mighty Polygon that you can download in the PC store up This next one January 27 .

Of Relic ta, we have already speaking on more than one occasion on the 3D game pages, it is a first-person puzzle resolution video game based on the physics in which magnetism and gravity should be combined creatively to reveal the secrets of The Chandra Base. In the loneliness of the remote Luna, your scientific knowledge is the only thing that can support your daughter alive…, they detail their authors.

Relic ta arrived at computer stores in mid-2020 harvesting good reviews between the specialized press and the PC public. Out of Promotion Relic ta is sold at a price of 19.99 euros . If you want to deepen more in the adventure, you can read the relict analysis of the 3D games that it says: It is part of that group of puzzle games in the first person that any genre-loving user should try.

If you like gender, in the magazine we also dedicate a complete report to the keys of the best video games based on puzzles. For next week there will be another gift at Fortnite’s parents’ store, it is Daemon X Machine, a video game of Marvelous Inc. ideal for all those who seek exciting Combats against corrupt and huge colossal immortal machines .