Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the age 63, is one of the three Vice-Presidents of the DFB. Already in 2002 he fulfilled the position of Secretary General.

Just two days after the foundation by DFB President Bernd Bettendorf, the specialist council, staffed by enduring Bundesliga makers, will start his work.
The first meeting will be on Thursday, said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge of the German Press Firm.
At the first session, according to the former CEO of FC Bayern, the jobs related to the DFB team ought to be plainly called in the look for a successor for national group director Oliver Bailiff or in the promotion of young talent.

We need to set up a program and after that resolve the important things that are expected by the Job Force, said the 67-year-old Rummenigge, who remains in the World Cup last week in Qatar.

It is no longer time for egoism

The main contribution should be that we turn the modification screws so that we are effective once again.
It is important to close the shoulder between the Bundesliga and the nationwide team and the DFB.
We have to be faithful for the benefit of German football.


It is no longer time for egoism.
The next huge objective is the house European Championships 2024. We wish to make a contribution that we have an effective team at the European Championship in a year and a half that individuals can inspire, said Rummenigge.
The Task Force, under the instructions of Bettendorf and DFB Vice President Hans-Joachim Wake, consists of the former DFB team employer Audi Roller, Bavaria CEO Oliver Khan, ex-DFB s director Matthias Summer and former long-lasting RB Leipzig Handling Director Oliver
Mintzlaff on.
Rummenigge recommends looking across the borders, successes of smaller sized nations such as Croatia and Portugal or the enthusiasm for groups such as Argentina and Morocco.
We need to bring it back in enthusiasm, cautions the former DFB captain Rummenigge with a view of team and fans.