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How to play in the FIFA 23 World Cup mode earlier on PS5

FIFA 23 is the last game in the FIFA series, and a huge number of fans entered the field to play for their favorite teams and players. But one of the most exciting modes and moments for football fans is the World Cup, which seems to have begun even before the official launch. This can make you ask how to play the World Cup at the beginning of FIFA 23.

How to start playing FIFA 23 World Cup earlier on PlayStation 5

FIFA 23 fan 23 Mentor FUT opened a access in world Cup Mode in FIFA 23 before its official issue. Here’s how to access the FIFA 23 World Cup for PlayStation 5 earlier.

click PlayStation button.
Go to multi-user actions .
Select World Cup *.


Select Start activities .
Click O button.

Unfortunately, access to the menu and regime is possible only at present, and they cannot be reproduced, since the functions do not work. But we can learn that at the World Cup there will be 48 teams that more than an equivalent list in the real world.

There is no official date for the World Cup regime in FIFA 23, but in real life the world championship among men will begin on November 20, 2022. It is not known whether the in-game cup will begin then or later, but EA accidentally allowed the fans to look inside.

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China, Adolescent Internet Use Regulation

China's Web Junkies: Internet Addiction Documentary | Op-Docs
China Cyber ​​Information Plant (CAC) enhances the regulation of the adolescent target Internet platform.

According to Hong Kong South Morning Post (SMCP), CAC announces a draft of a new regulation that makes it more difficult to benefit from video games, live streaming, and social media services for Internet users under 18 years of age 180 million did.

This provision released on the 21st of last month, which has been regulated in a nominal that protects youth from Internet services. In addition to social media as well as games, live streaming, audio, and video, encompass all online services.

In particular, all online service providers must set the “Youth Mode” at the same time specifying clear restrictions on the use time, content, and functions. Here you should limit the time you can send online and restrict all one-time purchases and accumulated daily spending.

Major companies such as Tencent have already launched the ‘Youth Mode’ function, but it will lead to a high cost for new regulations.

This regulation is to take responsibility for emphasizing the responsibility and obligations of platforms that protect the online content addiction system of adolescents, improve and improve online expenditure, as well as the online expenditure limitations.

Immediately after this, Tencent share price is 10% and Netsze down. The ability of companies focusing on the Internet business. Live Streaming Platform Billy Billy has declined 13%, a 19%, short video sharing app Kwaiouou Technology.

In order for the Chinese government to reduce the burden of students, the Chinese government has banned the profit of the school outside the school,

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