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FC Hollywood: Oliver Kahn Speaks Plain Text After Victory Against 1. FC Union Berlin

Struggling weeks lag FC Bayern.
With the clear 3-0 victory versus 1. FC Union Berlin, however, the Munich citizens cooled down the circumstance somewhat.
Board employer Oliver Khan also stuck against the referees after the top of the table was recaptured.

Train Julian Nagelsmann needed to take violent criticism for his go nuts in the 2: 3 personal bankruptcy versus Borussia Mönchengladbach.
After the last whistle of the video game, the instructor had actually emerged about the objective Tobias Well due to the very early red card versus the Munich Day Upamecano.
The statement soft-washed pack had actually likewise fallen.
After the success against Union Berlin, Oliver Khan additionally stuck versus the umpires.
In the catacombs, the former goalkeeper initial highlighted: I will not say anything regarding the referees.
Then Khan adhered to up and claimed: If we put everything on the square, we can live extremely well with these incorrect choices of the umpires.


FC Bayern as FC Hollywood?

Khan with plain text
Regardless of the troubled weeks, Khan from FC Hollywood, as FC Bayern suches as to be mockingly described as soon as a side war area is opened on Sabine Stress, does not need to know anything.
This is not Hollywood. This is a term that you always utilize, he made clear.
At FC Bayern there is always any kind of troubling fire.
A little friction is not that bad either. If all of us make you on consistency here, that’s not constantly the very best, stated Khan.
The board boss is also delighted concerning the brand-new tension in the Bundesliga: I have actually always said that it is good if you have to combat and remain listened all competitions because it enhances the tension in all competitions.
Khan sees the team meeting of the Munich group as the keystone for success versus Union.
These are small, essential minutes that can finally be a mosaic rock for success, he emphasized.

Need to recharge weapons in action games has a name


Since the action games and especially shooters in the first person exist, players have always had a constant action, that is to recharge the weapon, since at any time rivals can arrive from nothing. However, there are some who only throw a bullet and are already recharging, and now this obsession already has a name.

It is called compulsive recharging syndrome, and it is called that due to users who need to make that action on screen constantly, whether novices or veterans of this type of games. And while many can interpret it as a precaution, it is really satisfactory for those who use the combination of buttons to load.

This disorder can also be associated with having everything ordered, as players feel ready until in their inventory all cartridges are full, something that can serve in critical situations. And it is said that it is difficult to get rid of this behavior, since many users have already dragging it, it could be from childhood.

It can also be divided into three subcategories. The first would be for those who only used a bullet are preparing to make the recharge. The second is after having made a CPU leave or player. The last one is the strangest to see but that exists, and that is to constantly squeeze the button even though it has everything full.

Editor’s note: Personally, I could be pigeonholed with the users who make the recharge after folding an enemy, since recharging during a fight cannot be the best idea. Anyway, it is not something that can affect us so psychologically.

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