In a rather affirmative tone, the journalist accustomed to the scoops has just revealed at Giantbomb that Nintendo is prepared to attract a Metroid Remaster in time for the 20 years of the cult game of the Gamecube, specifically in November of this year.

Remember that the franchise business imagined by Yoshio Sakamoto made a wonderful return in 2014 with the Metroid Dread of Mercurysteam, however that we are chatting about the FPS/3D side of the journeys of Samus. 20 years later, Metroid Prime continues to be among the most memorable, immersive as well as atmospheric video games of the GameCube. Sold at 2.84 million duplicates, it is also one of the greatest business successes of the platform.


If the report of a remaster of Metroid Prime does not date from yesterday, Jeff Grubb appears certain of his resources as well as the timing appears perfect for Nintendo which can utilize this cartridge in order to make up (in component, huh) the Report of the Tale of Zelda’s suite: Breath of the Wild in the springtime of 2023. In addition, highlighting Metroid Prime as well as his suites on Switch seems to be obvious that Retro Studios delivers Metroid Prime 4, revealed (many) Too early in June 2017.

While Nintendo has actually just given us a visit tomorrow to analyze the next big game outings established by third-party workshops, which might consist of titles like Bayonetta 3 and Mario + The Rabbits Sparks of Hope, Jeff Grubb Share A new indiscretion concerning the maker’s magazine.

Still according to Jeff Grubb, Nintendo would certainly additionally have actually completed Metroid Prime 2 remasters: Echoes as well as Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, yet these episodes would be dispersed independently as well as not necessarily at the exact same time as the initial Metroid Prime . Additionally, the latter would certainly have been the topic of even more ambitious therapy than his 2 successors.