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2023: Catch New Scarlet & Violet Pokemon Without DLC – Sword & Shield – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Update

Like Sword & Shield, you will not necessarily need to buy the DLC to maintain your updated Pokédex.
2023 will be a great year for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

While some of you could argue that there are problems that should be solved before Game Freak focuses on what follows, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero was announced last month.
DLC that will present many new Pokémon, and it turns out that they can be exchanged with people who have not bought the DLC.
That’s right, even if you do not buy the DLC, whose first part this fall will be launched, it will be technically possible to keep its growing Pokédex.


Confirmed by Joe Merrick of Serebiicomo will work the DLC of Scarlet & Violet when playing with others will follow the steps of Sword & Shield.
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Not only can you exchange Pokémon with players who have not bought the DLC, but you can also attack and fight with them.
Coaches who do not have DLC can also join you in Union Circle, but that’s where your privileges end.
If you do not have the DLC, you will not be able to visit specific areas in Union Circle, even if you are with a coach who bought the additional content.
As for what Pokémon will be added…

Rose explains his change against St. Pauli

Even though the annoyance of BVB fans after the cup-out of the second league leader FC St. Pauli was primarily against the players, coach Marco Rose did not come to it. Trailers like the media wondered if the 45-year-old, who turned only three times and responded only late tactically, greater – and above all earlier – reconstruction measures would have to take to turn the threatening bankrupt.

On Friday, Rose then gave a rare insight into tactical and personnel decision-making during the game and reported on the discussions that were led to the bank within the coaching team. The question of the system or after that one takes out – these are things we also discuss, to decide them to the best knowledge and conscience, said Rose and called as an example a possible take-in of Marius Wolf – the instead over The entire playing time outside sat – or a change to a two-point system. There are always balances. And in Hamburg we decided to change late.

Rose: If you lose, the arguments are not mandatory at the coach

Among other things, this decision was so hit because the offensive players at the Bank – Yousuf Mouton, Steffen Tinges or the non-named Ranger – had no rhythm. To at least partially change, Tinges will storm on Friday for Dortmund U 23 against Freiburg II. Also, Youngster Mouton collected in second representation last game practice in a test against Alemannic Aachen.

Next time, we may be decided earlier, Rose cleared and accounted for: If you lose, the arguments are not mandatory at the coach.

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