On the 2nd, the Black Desert Mobile announced its update plan in the second half of the 2022 Heidel Conference.

The 2022 Heidel Banquet is a user event held by Pearl Abyss in an offline site in two years, and this year was held with the concept of ‘summer night festival’.

The update plan in the second half was announced by Kim Chang-wook, head of the Black Desert Mobile Division and Kim Joo-hyung, Black Desert Mobile Development PD. This update will be divided into ‘Dracania and Drigan’, new ‘Design Contents’, and new colleagues ‘Fairy’ and ‘PVP Content Update’.

First of all, you can see the new class Dracania on the Black Desert Mobile. Dracania is a courageer who uses a sword, and is a job that uses a two-handed sword called ‘Slayer’ and a slayer heart, ‘Shard’. Using the continuous technology of ‘divorce absorption’, you can strengthen yourself up to two stages and inflict a wide range of attacks, and if you use the maximum ‘collecting’ technology, it becomes strong enough to damage the guards of others. The new class Dracania can be generated in advance from 22 o’clock on the 2nd, and will be updated worldwide on the 5th.


At the same time, a new area appears in ‘Drigan’, the hometown of Dracania. It is the capital, De Ben Crun, the hunting ground, the red wolf, and the Tcha ruins. De Benkroon means ‘dragon teeth’ in ancient words, and the hunting grounds that require the highest recommended combat power based on the hunting grounds that exist on the black desert mobile, and the space where the hunting grounds that can be played by users in the early 40,000 combat power coexist. It will be configured.

At the same time, the emergence of the new cooperative head of the head, ‘Kamos’, is heralded. The red grid necklace includes auxiliary effects that the wearer is knocked back and stiff on the surrounding enemies and increases the maximum vitality of the allies.

As a new metabolism, the top difficulty, called Sahazard, appears. In Sahazard, you can experience a more extended seamless field than the existing fields, and there is a lawless area where you can feel the thrill of free PVP on the field, providing a more dynamic combat experience.

In addition, the company plans to add a system that allows you to obtain certain rewards with adventurous factors by adding field heads and special benefits that appear only in the outlaw area. In addition, ‘wandering merchants’ will be added to the field so that ‘Edina coins’, which can be used in the desert, can be widely used.

Next, a companion of adventure, which will play a different role than the Black Spirit, is added. The fairy can increase intimacy through ‘conversation’, and is a development content that changes the tendency of the fairy according to the conversation with the user. The user can make a request to solve the fairy of the fairy to raise the intimacy with the fairy, and when the intimacy reaches a certain level, you can meet the fairy that has entered in adulthood. This fairy will change the hairstyle and wing color according to the tendency formed through the sympathy of childhood and show a clear personality. The new companion ‘Fairy’ will be updated in August.

Finally, PVP content is strengthened. First, siege mode will be added to the Sun of the Sun, a large PVP battlefield. It is a method of returning to the siege of the Calpeon region and the Valencia region in the history of the Black Desert Mobile Worldview. The users of both camps will experience and enjoy the battle in the history of the Black Desert Mobile. In the process, various combat weapons such as ‘cannons’ and ‘elephant’, which can be used regardless of combat power, are placed so that new users can play their role in the new battlefield. In addition, add a base war with an upper limit of combat power. This is scheduled to be put into the first stage of the base, and the upper limit of combat power is applied, so that the guild that has just established the foundation of growth can be fully experienced.

In addition to the above updates, we will continue to introduce improvements to support new and return users. First of all, if the ‘knowledge’ level is below a certain level, there is an event that allows you to doubles your knowledge experience, and ‘Knowledge Boost’, which compresses the requirements for acquisition of knowledge through the land of courage.

In addition, in the future, it will ease the difficulty of the Balanced Stone level rise, one of the core of the Black Desert Mobile Basic Competition. First of all, it will triple the acquisition of the ‘Budo Chaos Determination’ required for the Balanced Stone level up and expand the area that can be obtained. In addition, the company will adjust the ‘restriction of the use of chaos’ at level 150, which is the existing 100 level, to make the foundation for new and return users. In addition, we will add new contents for existing users who are entering the stagnation.

For more information on the Black Desert Update, you can see it through the Black Desert Mobile Forum.