Despite a 3-0 win versus VFL Bochum in the end, Julian Nagelsmann was anything but pleased with the efficiency of FC Bayern on Saturday afternoon.
Other Matthews could not understand the coach’s public gamer scolding.
When Julian Nagelsmann left the Allianz Arena, the alarm level was red at Bavaria.
The inflamed Munich coach and his battered stars were in crisis mode regardless of the effective gown rehearsal in front of the excitedly waited for round of 16 in the Champions League near Paris Saint-Germain.


We don’t have a great flow. If we use Tuesday, it won’t be enough to get on, Nagelsmann grumbled after the hard 3: 0 (1: 0) against cellar kid VFL Bochum.

When his cabin see had Speed dating character, the trouble about the driving performance of his star ensemble was already visible during the half-time break.
We discussed a few other things, but that was dismissed in 1:30 minutes, revealed Nagelsmann, who a little later bent on the training bench and examined a few scenes on the tablet.

FC Bayern: Matthews discovers Nagelsmann’s anger speech superfluous.

The truth that Nagelsmann pushed a lot of frustration on Saturday and his own protégés were so strongly struck by record national gamer Other Matthews.
Maybe Julian might have done it a bit superior and shaking the players in the cabin, the 61-year-old had a quiet criticism of Nagelsmann on the program Sky90.
Matthew considered the whole timpani as unnecessary since the gamers understand precisely what it is about on Tuesday..
Not only the living Bavaria legend is surprised at how thin-skinned Nagelsmann has actually become.
You can likewise see how huge the pressure on him has actually become, Matthews discussed.