Stephen began to acquire speed since its release in early July.
Now he includes his 2nd post-launch character.
Nero De Diable can weep join the evolutionary list of Cap com characters.
Nero is the 2nd DMC character in the game, joining Dante.
He will probably bring numerous cards influenced by the series upon his arrival in November.
Cap com exposed that Nero would be the next character to join the Digital TCG throughout his Stephen discussion at the Tokyo Video Game Program 2019.
There is no news on the aspect he represents in the game. But since Jill Valentine joined BYU and Rat halos in red, Nero represents a relatively clear path representing Purple.
Dante and Mórrígan are the current representatives of this element.
It is more logical for him to play in this style rather than the most protective green or that Cap com places it in black.
Nero will sign up with the game with the next one, not called Stephen Growth.
Announcement, CAP COM and GUNSHOT offer players a current day of problems extension every day as a reward from September 20.
Since Jill has actually brought a style development citizen, the next extension with Nero has a likelihood of themed DMC.
The next series will probably add a great deal of strengths for Purple and whatever its element-if it is not the very same thing as Dante.