Ends will investigate the customer satisfaction survey of gaming PC peripheral device in the game news media GAMESpark and Inside Gaming PC Awards 2022 1st award The result was announced.

In this first survey, readers of GameSpark and Inside were conducted on the Internet from July 15, 2022, to September 30, 2022.

This time, the highest prize for the manufacturer and brand with the highest overall satisfaction is the Graphic Board section and the Motherboard section, ASUS in the case section, Fractal Design, and in the storage category. Samsung, Logical in the keyboard category, and Racer in the mouse category. The results are as follows.

Graphic board division

Best Award: ASUS

Excellence Award: MSI

Motherboard division

Best Award: ASUS

Excellence Award: ASR OCK

Excellence Award: MSI

Case section

Best Award: Fractal Design

Excellence Award: Cooler Master

Storage section

Best Award: Samsung

Excellence Award: Western Digital

Keyboard section

Best Award: Logical

Excellence Award: Racer

Mouse section

Best Award: Racer

Excellence Award: Logical