Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the closing of the acquisition of Haven Studios, which is now permanently incorporated into PlayStation Studios. In addition to the official statement that you have on these lines, the study founded by Jade Raymond has shared a series of news through GamesIndustry.

Although the team was formed in March of last year and already seemed to be under the umbrella of Sony, it was not until a few months ago that the Japanese label decided to buy it. Then we learned that in February they had tripled their employees since their formation, and now Raymond herself has been more specific with the British media, telling us that she has gone from 50 workers last October to more than 100 today.

During her statements, the director of the study has also insisted on her emphasis on the cloud even from the way she works, and they have recently added 21 engineers to the team to make this possible. Another of the recent signings has been Jalal El Mansouri, who participated in Rainbow Six: Siege as the main architect of Ubisoft, and is made to work in R&D.

It is precisely in this area that Mark Cerny, architect of the PS5, takes center stage, with whom they already told us that they have a close relationship in the face of the creation of his first project at PS Studios. [Mark Cerny] is one of the main reasons we are investing so much in R&D, says Raymond. «He Not only is he linked to the cloud, but also to more advanced R&D. I can’t really say much right now, but obviously that’s another thing that has drawn and excited our PlayStation team. Of course, Mark Cerny is something of a rock star, so to be able to collaborate with him is really exciting.

Among all the information that Raymond has obtained, yes, there is not much news about the new project. The latest official news told us that it will try to further boost the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 5, although (we will see if at the same time) it will also end up coming to PC. Beyond this, we only know that it will be a multiplayer title that aims to keep players entertained and engaged for years, so everything indicates that it will be among these 10 games as a service that Sony plans to launch between now and 2026.