On 22nd, Rocat said that two servants ‘Burst Pro Air’ are released through the Korea Official Importer Mint Taps.

‘Burst Pro Air’ is a wireless mouse that follows the representative ergonomic symmetrical design line of Roccat Rocat, which was released in 20020. The Bionic Shell (Bionic Shell), which has developed, lowered waterproof and dustproof effects and lower weight to 81G. The shell finished with translucent has completed the design with four RGB lights that have been stronger than the existing burst line.

Inside the internal, the Titan Switch Optical switch, has a satisfactory click sense, reactivity and durability. The latest technology, a 19k DPI (OWL-Eye) optical sensor is also introduced to provide high reactivity and accuracy at a 400IPS tracking rate. The Titan Wheel Pro (Titan Wheel Pro), which cut aluminum, is light and durable, and the alloys used on the wheel are quickly changing to finger temperature, and shifts satisfactory scrolls and clicks. In addition, it is officially compatible with ‘NVIDIA Reflex’, helping to faster and more precise play, and provides a pleasant game environment.

STELLAR WILELESS + Bluetooth 5.2 provides a dual wireless system to select a connection method of 2.4 GHz for fast, stable and 2.4 GHz and productivity centered Bluetooth. In the shock absorber, it is possible to use more than 100 hours, and 5 hours can be used for 10 minutes with a high-speed charging technique. With a 1.8m USB-C type phantom flex cable that comes with a charging, it is possible to freely use it with a wired mouse.

Roccat official said, “It is a product that focuses on a balanced appearance and light weight for a long time.” “It will be the best mouse for consumers who expected the wireless mouse of Burst.”

Burst Pro Air began sales from the Roccat Korea Online Store from 22nd. From May 4th, you can experience and buy burst pro-air from 9 branches (Yeongdeungpo, Wangsi, Wang, Many, Suwon, Kintex, Daegu Wallboat, Pearl, Starfield Hanan, Star Field).

More information can be found on the Rocart Official website.