For some time ago there has been talk of a new Alien film, which is supposedly already in production, but not too much information has been revealed. However, new news has begun to emerge, because 20th Century Studios and Scott Free have already chosen the actress who will have the leading role.

The right person would be Bailee Spent, who played the role of Priscilla Presley in Priscilla by Sofia Coppola with Jacob Lord as Elvis. Also, it was recently seen at How it ends. So he already has a good background of participation in the world of cinema. Only now must be more rude to play the villains of the franchise.

It is not known much about the plot of the tape, apart from the fact that the iconic and fierce endomorphic race will be in the center of attention. And now that the producers have already received the script, things are accelerating in terms of creation. So 2023 is scheduled to start recording, as well as having its respective premiere in 2024.


In news related to the world of cinema. Quentin Tarantino mentioned that Marvel’s film would like to direct, despite not being so convinced with what this type of films offers. If you want to know what the exception to the rule for the consecrated director is, we invite you to click on the following link.

Via: Deadline

Editor’s note: It is time for Alien to return with a new film, because only this year his Predator rivals already had another adaptation that was well received. The mesomorphs are missed, so they must be brought back.