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Save up to 53% on Bosch Professional and Home & Garden Tools at Amazon

  1. BACH 18V & 12V: Discount highlights for cordless screwdrivers, effect drilling screwdrivers, lawnmowers & Co.: Save up to 53 %
  2. Bosch Professional AKK 18V for cordless screwdrivers: Halved costs at Amazon
  3. Bosch Specialist 18V battery tool: cordless screwdriver, drill hammer, saws, vacuum cleaners, angular grinders
  4. Bosch Green instead of Bosch Expert: AKK 18V, cordless screwdriver and garden tools at a cost savings price
  5. Akku-18V garden gadgets & cordless vacuum: beyond Bosch Specialist
  6. 12V battery, cordless screwdriver and a lot more: Compact devices from Bosch Expert
  7. Zone set, jigsaw leaves, tiny battery screwdriver, screwdriver, 10,000 LM battery lamps from Bosch Expert
  8. Instead of cordless screwdriver: 71 % discount rate on tools from WHA & Were such as screwdrivers (set), tool case and a lot more.
  9. Additional tools: leading prices for multimeters, Knife pliers, socket, AGO secures and much more.
  10. Not just Bosch Specialist AKK 18V & 12V: Tool, electronics & video gaming less expensive
    What do I buy now?
    This concern always emerges.
    Low-cost tool from the hardware shop and discounter is progressively out of style.
    Not surprising that: Akita, Metal, Dealt and Bosch Professional do not have to cost a fortune.
    Amazon presently grants particularly high discounts on Bosch gadgets.
    Obviously, this consists of the regularly acquired battery 18V and ideal cordless screwdrivers or impact drilling screwdrivers from the high-quality series of Bosch Professional.
    However, not just there you can conserve strongly compared to the manufacturer’s non-binding price efficiency.
    Cordless screwdrivers and battery 18V by Bosch Green or Home and Garden are likewise offered at the leading rate.
    There may be quality compromises compared to Bosch Expert, however not every handyman declares his tool excessively.
    Bosch’s green batteries also have the advantage that they can likewise be utilized in many garden tools such as hedge trimmers and lawnmowers.
    Even battery vacuum for the home do not depend on the Bosch Expert battery, but that of Home and Garden.
    Another option is the Bosch Specialist battery.
    This reliably supplies the compact devices of the German brand manufacturer with electricity.
    Amazon likewise loosened the prices of the 12-volt system.
    Despite the innovation the choice falls on: discounts of 40 % and more are not uncommon.
    But be careful: discount rates and prices can alter at any time.
    If you look closely, you will find a check mark for a coupon on some item page.
    This allows you to conserve another ten percent.

battery 18V & 12V: discount rate highlights for cordless screwdrivers, effect drilling screwdrivers, lawnmowers & Co.: Conserve up to 53 %

Whether Bosch Expert or Bosch Home and Garden, tools of the brand names green and blue can be taken with you at a cost savings price.
It is not important whether it is about the battery 18V or 12V-or what tool genus it is.
Cordless screwdrivers (rotary screwdriver, impact wrench) can be bought at Amazon as cheaply as makers from the areas of angle mills, saw or drill hammer.
Amazon minimized the ACLU 18V to 53 %, but there is also over 40 % cheaper cordless screwdrivers.
The garden season may not have actually begun, but that could currently be a benefit.
Bring everyone up to shape, of course the need for garden equipment grows accordingly and rates for lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and comparable technology are increasing.
The Bosch House and Garden battery yard mower is presently altering the owner with 37 %.
Who knows how long deals like this on tools from Bosch and Bosch Specialist with battery 18V and battery 12V.

Bosch Specialist & Green: Cabbage tool with 18V and 12V: Little choice of discount rate highlights

Bosch Specialist 18V System AKK GBA 18V 2.0 AH (in package).
EUR 34.95 (-53%).
Bosch Professional cordless screwdriver GSR 18V-55 (2x 4.0 AH battery, GAL 18V-40, 18 volt system, max. Torque: 55 Nm, in Box).
EUR 229.90 (-43%).
Bosch Specialist 18V System AKK Bohr hammer GBH 18V-21 (Max. Heaving Energy 2 J, without battery and battery charger, in the box).
159 EUR (-46%).
Bosch’s battery hand circular saw PKS 18 Li (without battery, 18 volt system, in package).
70.59 EUR (-39%).
Bosch Professional 12V System Bordstagen drilling screwdriver GSB 12V-35 (torque hard/soft 20/35 Nm, incl. 2×3.0 ah battery, charger GAL 12V-40, Box 102).
EUR 177.95 (-45%).
Bosch’s battery mower City mower 18V-32-300 (18 volt system, P4A system, 1x battery 4.0 Ah, brushless engine, cutting width: 32 cm, lawn as much as 300 m ², in package).
EUR 219.99 (-37).
Amazon special: an introduction of tool sets.
All deals for Bosch Professional tools.
News introduction: new tool from Bosch Specialist.

Bosch Professional AKK 18V for cordless screwdrivers: Cut in half costs at Amazon.

In addition to the battery 18V and 12V from Bosch Professional, Bohr hammer or cordless screwdriver, you will discover many leading offers in our editorially ready Daily Deals: graphics card, main board, gaming monitor, gaming mouse, video gaming chair, television, game highlights and a lot more.
Products for PC, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo players from Amazon, Media Market and Co. Frequently reduced costs.
We likewise present picked hardware store deals in the Daily deals every day.
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  • Bosch 12V battery set 2x GBA 3.0 Ah battery EUR 84.90 (-40%).
  • Bosch 12V battery drilling screwdriver GSR 12V-15 62.90 EUR (-39%).
  • Bosch 12V system battery impact drilling screwdriver GSB 12V-35 107.23 EUR (-33%).
  • Bosch 12V battery rotary screwdriver GDR 12V-105 EUR 97.60 (-41%).
  • Bosch 12V battery effect drilling screwdriver GSB 12V-35 + 2×3.0 ah battery, charger, box EUR 177.95 (-45%).
  • Bosch 12V battery edge router GKF 12V-8 129 EUR (-45%).
  • Bosch 12V battery LED lamp GI 12V-330 EUR 63.71 (-34%).
  • Bosch 12V battery circular saw GKS 12V-26 190.89 EUR (-38%).
  • Bosch 12V battery jigsaw GST 12V-70 EUR 88.99 (-41%).
  • Bosch 12V battery rotary tool size 12V-35 EUR 178.84 (-38%).
  • Bosch 12V Location Detect EUR 277.12 (-36%).
  • Bosch 12V system battery airplane WHO 12V-20 265.35 EUR (-38%).
  • Bosch 12V battery sheet metal scissors GSC 12V-13, 2x2ah battery, charger EUR 315.99 (-16%).
  • Bosch 12V Wall scanner Detect 200 C 649 EUR (-36%).
    Amazon-exclusive: This Bosch Professional Spar sets are only readily available from the online merchant.

pliers set, jigsaw leaves, tiny battery screwdriver, screwdriver, 10,000 LM battery light from Bosch Specialist.

Unique and particularly compact to Amazon: The Bosch Expert cordless screwdriver Bosch Go (incl. 25 pc. Bit set, USB charging cable television, without charging cable television adapter, Box Mini) Source: Bosch Specialist.
The cordless screwdriver, the battery 18V or 12V or the angle mill might currently remain in your tool arsenal.
Now do you require accessories or devices that you don’t want right away?
In this sector you can likewise purchase lots of short articles with terrific discount rates from Bosch Specialist.
There is cheaper a pliers set with mix, pointed tongs and side cutters, different cordless building and construction website lights with approximately 10,000 LM, a tool bag specially adapted for Bosch gadgets, a battery laser removal meter, Torn screwdriver or the classic locksmith hammer.

ACKU-18V construction site light, locksmith, pliers, saw blades, mini battery screwdriver: Save with Bosch Professional at Amazon.

  • Bosch Zangen-Set 3Tlg.
    (Comic, sponges, side cutters) EUR 43.99 (-22%).
  • Bosch TX30 x 125 mm screwdriver (Torn, S2 steel) EUR 3.53 (-66%).
  • Bosch 9tlg.
    Double screwdriver bit set EUR 15.77 (-38%).
  • Bosch Schlosserhammer 500 g 25.90 EUR (-20%).
  • Bosch 30 pcs.
    Stab saw blade (for wood and metal, jigsaw) 22 EUR (-40%).
  • Bosch battery LED building site light GI 18V-1900 EUR 88.50 (-43%).
  • Bosch battery building and construction website lamp GI 18V-2200 EUR 119 (-40%).
  • Bosch battery building spotlight GI 18V-10000 C light thickness: 10,000 LM 229 EUR (-44%).
  • Bosch laser receiver LR1 (variety: 0-200 m) EUR 159.84 (-27%).
  • Bosch guide rail FSN 800 for KS district, diving, jigsaws EUR 44 (-40%).
  • Bosch tool bag GWT 20 75.78 EUR (-23%).
    Click and conserve: Overview of hardware store offers at Amazon.
    Bestseller: The best-selling electric tools on Amazon.

rather of cordless screwdriver: 71 % discount on tools from WHA & Were such as screwdrivers (set), tool case and far more.

Approximately 71 % discount on WHA & Were: screwdriver (set), tool case, torque wrench, crimping and far more.
Source: WHA, Were, PC Games.
Electric tools such as Bosch Expert’s cordless screwdriver with AKK 18V is one.
Tool for pocket and tool box the other.
Products from well-known German manufacturers such as WHA and Were are now offered at Amazon at a leading rate.
Do it yourself lovers can conserve up to 71 % in subject areas such as tool set, screwdriver (set, torn), pliers (crimp pliers, side cutters, ambitious tools), bit wrench, multimeter and sorting.
Part of the sales are also Were Kraft form items and the Cyclops of Snare.

More tools: top prices for multimeters, Knife pliers, socket, AGO secures and a lot more.

Bosch Expert vs. Green: approximately 53 % on battery 18V, cordless screwdriver, 12V tools, drill hammer, saw and far more.
(2) Source: Knife, Benning, Ago, Merton, Knife, PCG.
Yes, you ought to have a cordless screwdriver as an ambitious craftsman in the range of Bosch Expert, Akita or Metal as a rule.
Screwdrivers and so forth also belong in the well-sorted tool cellar.
However, what about the subject of pliers, determining equipment and electric requirements?
After setting up a terrace power plant 600W, do-it-yourselfer often find that they have inadequately sorted their racks.
Schulz and Island socket are not available anyway, even decent pliers such as those of Knife (crimping, cobra) are missing out on in the tool cellar in the house.
Even the purchase of multimeter, determining gadget and AGO clamps is unexpectedly considered.
Of course, such thoughts also deal with other remodeling work.
Items like the discussed can be bought at Amazon at a savings cost.

not just Bosch Professional AKK 18V & 12V: Tool, electronic devices & gaming cheaper.

Likewise, worth reading: Low-cost Dyson alternative: Aldi with cost crash in cordless vacuum cleaners, vacuum robots and co.

AKKU-18V garden appliances & cordless vacuum: beyond Bosch Professional.

Bosch Professional might be outstandingly placed when it pertains to cordless screwdrivers, drill hammer and Co. House gardeners utilize the Bosch Home and Garden battery.
This is simply due to the fact that appropriate garden tools are provided here.
Be it now battery mower, battery yard trimmer, robotic lawnmower or leaf blower.
The greatest discount is presently on a leaf blower.
You might just require it again in the coming autumn, but when demand boosts, prices usually grow.
Mowing yards is likewise not a huge concern this month.
Nevertheless, spring begins once again at the end of March.
So the offer could thin out in the next couple of weeks.
Bosch’s battery mower City mower 18V-32-300 (18 volt system, P4A system, 1x battery 4.0 Ah, brushless engine, cutting width: 32 cm, lawn up to 300 m ², in the box).
EUR 219.99 (-37).

Bosch House and Garden at Amazon: lawnmower, lawn trimmer, chainsaw and far more.

Purchase at a cost savings rate.
Bosch lawn mower robotic indigo M+ 7008 79.99 EUR (-27%).
Bosch battery mower City mower 18V-32-300 EUR 219.99 (-37%).
Bosch battery lawn shear Advanced shear 18V-10 EUR 72.90 (-31%).
Bosch battery lawn trimmer Easygrasscut 18V-26 59.48 (-38%).
Bosch battery chainsaw Universal chain EUR 18 97.69 (-35%).
Bosch battery leaf blower Alb 18 Li (1 battery, up to 210 km/h) EUR 94.95 (-42%).
Bosch battery color spray system Hairspray 18V-100 EUR 79.95 (-24%).
Test winner: Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner Unrestricted Gen2 series 8 BSS825CARP, bagless, approximately 45 minutes term, interchangeable battery, quick charger, versatile extension pipe, XXL cushioning nozzle, civil nozzle, black.
529 EUR (-36%).


ACLU vacuum cleaner: With battery 18V of the Greens Home and Garden gadgets, not from Bosch Expert.

Another benefit over Bosch Specialist: their battery 18V might be utilized in blue cordless screwdrivers, however not in cordless vacuum cleaners for the home.
Here Bosch green is broadly positioned again.
Stem vacuum cleaners and hand vacuum cleaners, normally one and the same gadget, can buy up to 40 % cheaper at Amazon.
The battery vacuum Unlimited Gen2 series 8 BSS825CARP – A test winner of the Shifting Earnest is likewise discounted.

battery vacuum with battery 18V from Bosch: Conserve as much as 40 %.

  • Bosch battery vacuum cleaner Limitless Gen2 series 8 BKS8214W battery 18V 389.99 EUR (-40%).
  • Bosch battery vacuum cleaner Endless Gen2 series 8 BSS825CARP ACLU 18V 529 EUR (-36%).
  • Bosch battery vacuum Limitless Gen2 series 8 BSS82SIL1, battery 18V 599.90 EUR (-32%).
  • Bosch battery vacuum cleaner unlimited 8 BSS825FRSH, 5.0 AH battery 18V 612 EUR (-32%).
  • Bosch Hagar, BCS82MAT14 Unlimited series |.
    8 Gen 2 battery 18V EUR 422.78 (-19%).

12V battery, cordless screwdriver and far more: Compact devices from Bosch Professional.

Bosch likewise sells Amazon-exclusive products Source: Amazon.
Bosch House and Garden might not be enough.
On the other hand, battery 18V and Co. also cost a lot of money.
If it should be more than Bosch green, however the common technology of Bosch Professional would really be too much of an excellent thing, it is worth looking at the 12-volt class of the Germans.
A cordless screwdriver with 12 volts can be used with no issues to mess up Ikea furniture or to sink screws into wood.
Even in classifications such as circular saw, multi-cutter and jigsaw, the 12-volt system from Bosch Specialist is represented.
This is truly obvious of inadequate performance.
You can likewise purchase these makers less expensive on Amazon.
Discount rates of 40 % and more are not uncommon.
Bosch Expert 12V System Cord screwdriver GSR 12V-15+ jigsaw GSt12V-70+ circular saw GKS 12V-26+ Saber saw GSA 12V-14+ Multi-Cutter GOP 12V-28+ LED lamp GLI12V-80 (+3 x3.0 Ah battery+ charging gadget.
, Xbox).
EUR 581.36 (set cost), EUR 528.51 with discount coupon.
Bosch Professional 12V System battery rotary screwdriver GDR 12V-105 (without batteries and charger, in cardboard).
EUR 97.65 (-41 %).
Bosch Professional 12V System Bordstagen drilling screwdriver GSB 12V-35 (torque hard/soft 20/35 Nm, incl. 2×3.0 ah battery, battery charger GAL 12V-40, Box 102).
EUR 177.95 (-45%).

battery 12V: cordless screwdriver, rotary screwdriver, jigsaw, milling maker, rotary tools up to 45 % conserve.

Bosch Specialist 18V System battery jigsaw GST 18 V-LI B (ironing version, cutting depth in wood/aluminum/metal: 120/20/8 mm, 3 stab sowed blades, period sacrifice, without batteries and battery charger, in the box).
EUR 154.40 (-44%).

Bosch Professional: 18V battery jigsaw, angle mill, buy circular saw as much as 46 % cheaper.

  • Cordless angle grinder GWS 18V-180 EUR 289.94 (-33%).
  • Cordless drilling hammer GBH 18V-21 EUR 159 (-46%).
  • Cordless bore hammer GBH 18 V-EC, 2x 4.0 Ah battery, charger, box 399 EUR (-33%).
  • ACTION HAND vacuum EUR 74.99 (-37%).
  • Battery jigsaw 18 V-LI EUR 154.40 (-44%).
  • Biturbo battery-sab saw GSA 18V-28 EUR 262.02 (-32%).
  • GST cordless stitch saw V-LI B, 2x 5, 0 Ah battery, quick charger, box 455 EUR (-20%).
  • Battery angler GNH 18V-64M, 64 mm max. Nail length EUR 451.99 (-39%).
  • Cordless handout GKS 349.41 EUR (-40%).
    Interesting: prices away: up to 51 % on Metal battery 18V, cordless screwdriver, cap saw, angle mill, drill hammer & more.

Bosch Green instead of Bosch Specialist: AKK 18V, cordless screwdriver and garden tools at a savings rate.

Whether mower, hedge trimmers, window vacuum or high-pressure cleaners: You can find all garden tools from Bosch House and Garden in the Amazon store.
Source: Bosch, Amazon.
Craftsmen differentiate between Bosch Run and Bosch Beau, whereby the green devices run under the Home and Garden label, the blue as Bosch Specialist.
However, does it always need to be the cordless screwdriver or AKK 18V from Bosch Expert in your home?
That falls and stands with the particular function.
Bosch Specialist is considered more persistent, in two ways.
So it takes a lot longer in continuous operation for the gadgets to run hot.
In addition, they do not wear as rapidly as the green power tools.
The crucial data of the devices likewise differ.
While cordless screwdrivers and Co. from Bosch Professional cover a wide efficiency segment, Home and Garden is currently ending in the medium performance area.
In the end, however, the question occurs whether do-it-yourselfer actually have such demands.
After all, electrical tools are not utilized every day and if, they hardly ever need to stand up to large-scale dropouts.
DIY lovers who already have battery vacuum cleaners or garden tools from Bosch Home and Garden need to be well ignored whether they also buy a cordless screwdriver or bored hammer and Bosch Specialist.
In the end you would have 2 various battery 18 V systems at the start: one for machines from the Bosch Specialist brand name and one that is used in many garden devices, cordless vacuum, green tools and even with Garden innovation.

battery 18V and cordless screwdriver (impact drilling screwdriver) from Bosch House and Garden (green) up to 51 % less expensive.

  • Bosch 18 volt replacement battery 2.5 AH EUR 41.36 (-46 %).
  • Bosch 18 volt battery PBA 18V 6.0 AH 93.55 EUR (-28 %).
  • Bosch Starter Set AL18V-20 (4 AH battery + charger) 84 EUR (-3%).
  • Bosch starter set (2.5 AH battery, charger) 49.99 (43%).
    Bosch’s battery effect drilling screwdriver PSB 18 Li-2 ergonomic (without battery, 18 volt system, brushless engine, in the box).
    EUR 79.90 (-51%).
  • Bosch battery impact drilling screwdriver PSB 18 Li-2 79.90 (-51%).
  • Bosch cordless screwdriver Universal drill 18V-60 74.52 EUR (-17%).
  • Bosch cordless screwdriver Universal drill 18V (2 batteries, suitcase) EUR 109.00 (-33%).
  • Bosch battery effect drilling screwdriver EASYIMPACT 18V-40 (2 battery 2.0 AH) EUR 104.99 (-26%).
  • BACK PROBATION ROOD UNIVERIMPACT 18V-60 (2 battery, luggage) EUR 149.99 (-19%).
  • Bosch impact drilling screwdriver Advanced impact EUR 18 134.89 (-22%).

also not Specialist: 18V battery tools such as Bohr hammer, Wikelschlezer, jigsaw from Bosch.

As you can see, you can not necessarily buy the battery 18V more affordable even if it is technology from Bosch House and Garden (green) instead of Bosch Expert (blue).
The bottom line is that the real tool is less cash.
This applies not only to the locations of cordless screwdriver & effect drilling screwdriver, however also to other tool categories.
For example, a drill hammer reviews the counter for 80 euros.
Amazon likewise grants decent discount rates on the locations of saber, jigsaw, battery lamp and hand circular saw.
Bosch’s battery hand circular saw PKS 18 Li (without battery, 18 volt system, in the box).
70.59 EUR (-39%).

Bosch green rather of professional: inexpensive tools with battery 18V away from the cordless screwdriver.

  • Bosch AKK Bohr hammer UNEOMAXX EUR 79.99 (-24%).
  • Bosch battery hand circular saw PKS 18 LI 70.59 EUR (-39%).
  • Bosch angle mill Advanced grind 18 98.99 EUR (-29%).
  • Bosch battery jigsaw Easy saw 18V-70 59.99 EUR (-21%).
  • Bosch battery edge milling maker Advancedtrimrouter 18V-8 EUR 124.74 (-22%).
  • Bosch battery lamp universal lamp 18 24.95 EUR (-23%).
  • Bosch battery eccentric grinder Advanced orbit EUR 18 64.70 (-37%).
  • Bosch battery wet and dry vacuum Advanced vac 18V-8 EUR 99.89 (-22%).
  • Bosch battery nanoscale saw Advanced cut 18 158 EUR (-29%).
  • Bosch battery saber saw Advancedrecip 18 77.49 EUR (-37%).

You can save 53 percent on the Bosch Specialist 18V System AKK GBA 18V 2.0 AH for around EUR 35: Bosch Professional.
Naturally, nothing works without a battery with battery-powered tools.
Bosch focuses on the Bosch Specialist brand on the battery 18V.
12V is also on the German subject, but the battery storage with 18 volts is taking pleasure in the best appeal.
It supplies cordless screwdrivers, rotary screwdrivers and impact drilling screwdrivers with energy, but can quickly be integrated with other tools from the 18-volt community from Bosch Specialist.
Obviously, there is no battery 18V.
You should also be pleased with a design with low capacity like 2 Ah if you like it especially easy and do not have your cordless screwdriver in continuous usage.
Amazon rapidly cut in half the cost here.
Likewise, intriguing: only two days at Aldi: Purchase physical fitness equipment such as treadmill, rowing gadget and Co. at a cost savings price.
Even big designs with 4 and 5 Ah, which send out substantially more determination into the race, do not have to be purchased at the producer’s rate.
Like hardware shops, Amazon also offers cordless screwdrivers, drill hammer and Co. partially without battery 18V and charger.
Neither Amazon nor Bosch Expert want to withhold something from their customers, due to the fact that as I said, the sets are likewise available.
Nevertheless, somebody who already has 3 batteries does not have to pay and purchase battery number 5, 6 and 7, even if they still match their range with a drill hammer or angle grinder.
If you still need the Bosch Specialist battery: Amazon grants high double-digit discounts on the battery, battery charger and starter set.
Bosch Specialist 18V System AKK GBA 18V 2.0 AH (in the box).
EUR 34.95 (-53%).
Bosch Specialist 18V System AKK GBA 18V 4.0 AH (in the cardboard).
EUR 57.78 (-41%).
Bosch Specialist 18V System AKK Set (2×4.0 Ah battery + battery charger Gal 18V-40, in the box).
EUR 158.61 (-42%).


Purchase Bosch Specialist 18V battery + charger at Amazon as much as 53% more affordable.
Bosch Specialist AKK 18V 2.0 AH EUR 34.95 (-53%).
Bosch Expert AKK 18V 3.0 AH 59.90 EUR (-27%).
Bosch Professional AKK 18V 4.0 AH 57.78 EUR (-41%).
Bosch Specialist AKK 18V 5.0 AH EUR 69.95 (-35%).
Bosch Expert AKK starter set 2x 5.0 Ah battery + quick battery charger EUR 159.99 (-42%).
Bosch Expert battery set 18V 1x 4.0 AH + battery charger EUR 97.25 (-32%).
Bosch Specialist battery set 18V Pro Core 2x 4.0 AH + battery charger EUR 158.61 (-42%).
Bosch Expert AKK 18V battery charger EUR 92.55 (-47%).

Bosch Specialist 18V battery tool: cordless screwdriver, drill hammer, saws, vacuum, angular mills.

Currently, understood?
Bosch also sells measurement technology such as thermal imaging gadgets and detectors on Amazon.
Source: Bosch Expert.
For a very long time, battery tool is not limited to the cordless screwdriver.
Years earlier, batteries might not have been provided for all tools.
But that has long been history.
Battery has actually gone through an enormous development in practically all manufacturers.
With his battery 18V, Bosch Expert is the leading supplier together with Akita and Metal.
Hundreds of machines are now suitable with the ACKU-18V environment, of course, at the forefront of cordless screwdriver, effect wrapping screwdriver, rotary screwdriver, etc. The battery 18V are also compatible with the battery vacuum cleaner, cordless bars, cordless mills, cordless mills and even that.
Bosch Professional battery circular saw.
All of this tool can be bought with strong discount rates from Amazon.
In this section, too, the prices are naturally not sculpted in stone discounts can vanish at any time.
This uses to single devices such as tool set.
Bosch Specialist cordless screwdriver GSR 18V-55 (2x 4.0 AH battery, GAL 18V-40, 18 volt system, max. Torque: 55 Nm, in Box).
EUR 229.90 (-43%).
Bosch Expert Biturbo Cabin drilling screwdriver GSB 18V-150 C (max. Torque 150 Nm, without batteries and battery charger, in Box 136).
EUR 249.99 (-40%).

Bosch Specialist: As Much As 43 % on cordless screwdriver 18V, impact wrench, rotary screwdriver, effect drilling screwdriver & drywall screwdriver.

  • Cordless center GDS 18V-210, 210 Nm 198.84 EUR (-38%).
  • Battery drilling screwdriver GSR 18V-28, 63 Nm 80.19 EUR (-25%).
  • Cordless screwdriver GSR 18V-28 in Box, 63 Nm 132.90 EUR (-39%).
  • Cordless punch drilling screwdriver GSB 18V-28, 63 Nm, 2x 3.0 Ah battery GBA, battery charger EUR 220.86 (-33%).
  • Total center GDR 18V-160, 160 Nm EUR 112.73 (-32%).
  • Cordless punch drilling screwdriver GSB 18V-11110 C, 110 NM 195.85 EUR (-37%).

  • Cordless screwdriver GSR 18V-55, 55 Nm, 2x 4.0 Ah battery, charger, Box EUR 229.90 (-43%).
  • Cordless punch drilling screwdriver GSB 18V-1950C, 155 Nm EUR 249.99 (-40%).
  • System cordless dry building screwdriver GTB 18V-45 183.86 EUR (-35%).
    Bosch Professional 18V System AKK Bohr hammer GBH 18V-21 (Max. Heaving Energy 2 J, without battery and charger, in package).
    159 EUR (-46%).

The YOUNG SOULS RPG postponed to 2022 on consoles and PCs

It will be necessary to wait a little before discovering Young Souls else than on Stadia. Expected at the base for this end of the year on consoles and PCs, the French RPG of 1P2P Studio will eventually switch to the first quarter 2022.

The developers of 1P2P Studios assures Do not be able to confirm this output window without compromising (sound) work ethic and the quality of the game. In other words, The Arcade Crew, the Label of the Parisian publisher Dot emu, has consented additional production time to maintain good health as the morale of the team. Appointment is therefore taken for the first quarter 2022, which will allow the greatest number to discover the adventures of two fanzines in the undergrounds of Ports burgh, and its struggle system in real time. As a reminder, the game is available since August 17th on Stadia, Google’s Cloud Gaming service.

TOP 30 NEW Upcoming SOULS LIKE RPG Games 2022 & Beyond (4K 60FPS)

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