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Author: Merissa

FIFA 23: Changes to penalties and adjustments to the referees in the first patch after launch

Although we cannot define the launch of FIFA 23 as a particularly injured one, the truth is that the title came with a few problems both in the technical and playable section. The worst part was taken by the PC players that had to do with how the video game remained inaccessible by different bugs that began with the problems of the antitrampas system continued with problems to start the game and even suffered by incompatibilities with some peripherals. However, and after just a few days, Electronic Arts has launched the first patch to solve the failures and file a few playable roughness.

This is the first great FIFA 23 update

Without deepening the technical details too much and starting with the most important aspect, PC players should stop finding failures to the time to start the video game. The developers have fixed a few errors that derived in messages such as failures when updating, the service or unrecoverable failures cannot be initiated. Additionally, there will be no more problems for having connected a device with Force Feedback technology to the computer. In this way, especially players interspersed with F1 2022 with FIFA 23 will be able to live calmer.

As for the gameplay, the changes affect all platforms. They are not yet too remarkable as they are not the traditional Pitch Notes, but they do come to to solve some failures that were bothering the community . A first step before the most ambitious updates in this regard that should not transform the game, but improve it.

* Reduced the accuracy of penalty throws when the hoop is red or yellow
* Increased the speed in the animation of technical dribble for players with fewer points in the dribble attribute. The change will be more notable in those players with less than 90 valuation in this department.
* Now the referees will have a lower tendency to whistle due to collisions related to the arms
* Now the referees will have a greater tendency to get yellow cards for the offenses committed with aggressive tickets.

It is true that There are still some addicted motors arbitral settings that give some more consistency to the performance of the players. However, it is a good first step for us to continue enjoying FIFA 23 during this first stage of the video game. Moreover, considering that the first Fut Champions is about to arrive and that nobody wants to see their rewards worse because of playability failures.

Action Square, Three Kingdoms Blades Jin Palace Transcendence Update

Action Square ‘s Mobile Games’ Three Kingdoms Blaid’ announced on the 12th that the transcendental update was performed.

In the Three Kingdoms, the Palace was a figures of the Horse, and she was together with her mosquitoes when she was rescued early. After the Judea, the Judea was died by the harm of the playground Jewish, he persuaded the people of the performance and the Pepper, and the Jojo, and the Jojo, and the Jojo, and the Jojo was able to be a playground. The join is. She has been confronted with the mosques of follicles who were kicked out and confronted with Joe, JoJo was invited to be his own person, but she refused this and headed to herself.

Blades of Three Kingdoms: Return Gameplay Android / iOS
Military Longevity Major Palace Transcendent City, the real name of the existing active skill ‘black wind’ is added 3 seconds, and the attack of the real name is avoided by a certain probability. In addition, we will acquire the transcendence ‘to the’ curse of ‘Myeongguryong’, which is the skill, and use the skill to ignore the invincity for 6 seconds and decompress the enemies, resulting in the lightning of the bouncing, and reducing all the defense for 5 seconds for 5 seconds.. She then summons a huge snake, giving great damage to enemies and blindfolding for 5 seconds.

In commemoration of the goal of the passing transcendence, the event battlefield is opened to win the transcendence of the previously, and a variety of compensation, such as 11 battlefield ingredients, such as 11-former, If you use the transcendence of the transcendence, the transcendence, JoJo, and Huridon Longevity in the battlefield, the transcendency, joining, and Huridon longevity can cause a 5-fold damage to the transcendence, so that the event battlefield can be cleared more easily. In addition, we can acquire various compensation for growing longevity, such as Boewha, Sa’an Seochan, and Honithelia through the achievement of the achievement of the Jin Palace Transcendence.

In addition, the Pavilion Probability Event, Failed Probabilistic Event, April Memorial Special Exchange Event and Hot Time Events are also updated together.

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