Designer Akihito Miyazawa is a solo indie dev that’s put out a handful of switches over puzzle video games before this, and also a whole collection of games with bonkers control schemes (opens in new tab). If we’re kicking off an entire brand-new category of bathroom tissue games, I eagerly anticipate Miyazawa’s impact crawling over the entire video game sector.


Provide me toilet paper! Simply introduced on the Change shop (opens in new tab) worldwide at a rate of $5, or your regional equivalent. Generally, it’s a platformer where you send out a roll of toilet paper via a labyrinth packed with rotating buzz saws, catch doors, spikes, lasers, and other challenges. Ultimately, you’re trying to obtain that bathroom tissue to a regrettable businessman in desperate need of it.

Sorry, Splits of the Kingdom, the real Switch video game of the year just went down: a $5 indie video game where you play by sticking your Joy-Con in an actual roll of bathroom tissue.

Sure, a game regarding seriously needing toilet paper could activate some negative memories of living via the beginning of a pandemic, yet it is a fresh concept. I want to publicly give thanks to GSK on Twitter (opens up in new tab) for highlighting a video game that I’m still uncertain is constructed out of genius or chaos.

The gimmick in Give me toilet paper! All the trailers for the video game appear to be in Japanese, yet I believe this presentation video clip goes beyond language barriers.