If you still need more XP after all that, some tutorials like the one above from IceMan Isaac suggest taking all the money you earned and head straight to a Buy Station to purchase some Armor Plates. Those are the most affordable thing you can obtain from the Buy Station, and buying things for some reason also awards you weapon XP, so more purchases means more XP. By the time you’ve done all of that, you’ll likely have actually maxed out a weapon’s XP level already, or if not, you’ve most likely gotten very close.

Next, start generating as much money as possible as quickly as you can. Nothing too time-intensive, nevertheless, because your time is needed in other places to make this work, but get money where you can discover it (you were probably doing that anyhow).

For whatever reason, these Agreements appear to be working on an XP multiplier right now suggesting that you get additional XP for doing the second Contract, more for the third, and so on. Since War zone 2 awards gamers weapon XP for completing jobs like this, you’ll earn perk XP for finishing several Safe cracker Contracts.

Call of Duty: War zone 2 players found an XP make use of that lets them max out weapon levels practically instantly, but just up until the video game’s designers inevitably patch out the technique. It includes a preferred, weapon, lots of money, and great deals of running around the map, so while it’s not always simple to manage, it looks to be able to put gamers in a prime position concerning their weapon levels.


The technique’s been shared a number of times over by now, but it begins by discovering a weapon that you wish to level up. That’s in some cases easier stated than done in War zone 2, but it’s what you have to do initially unless you want to just level a random weapon, so get your hands on something great that you care about.