Unfortunately, today it has been announced that Dave Smith, celebrity responsible for the creation of the MIDI format, died at 72 years of age . Although this name is likely not recognized, its contributions played a very important role in the formation of the music industry of the last 50 years.


One of Dave Smith’s greatest contributions was the Prophet 5 of Sequential Circuit, the first microprocessor-controlled synthesizer, as well as multi-timbral synthesizers. In 1985 he founded Sequential, a company focused on the development of computer-based audio equipment . However, two years later he closed its doors, since, in his own words, he arrived at this market much earlier than necessary.

Fortunately, Smith did not give up, and eventually became the president of Seer Systems, a company that developed the first synthesizer totally based on software and packaged as an application for PC. Although over the years he was in charge of innovating in this market, His greatest contribution to the music industry was the creation of the MIDI standard (musical instrument digital interface).

This allows interconnection and communication without efforts between musical instruments, computers and other electronic equipment. The MIDI system transports data that specifies musical notation, tone and speed/intensity . Also the control signals for musical parameters including dynamics, vibrate, 2D panoramization, clock and clock signals that configure and synchronize the tempo among several devices.

Although Midi originally appeared in 1982, he only took a year to standardize, and to this day is used . In this way, there is no doubt that Dave Smith’s legacy will not be lost, and his work will continue to be a fundamental part of musical creation.

May she rest, Dave Smith.